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stories for 7 yr olds

This collection of 25 short stories is written by some of New Zealand’s most loved children’s writers. There is a great selection of stories that are specifically targeted at 7 year olds and are perfect to be read loud or independently. Lulu Bell and an injured penguin, a school play spectacular, holidays at Pop’s farm, scary fairies, a lost goblin princess, a shark for a best friend, a homework disaster, Draggle the bedraggled dragon, two queen dolls, ducks and dogs, a strawberry thief and Clementine Rose’s first day of school are some of the stories you’ll find inside.

The stories are a bit more adventurous than the 6 year olds collection and are about exploring and things – kapa haka, monsters, best friends, snorkelling, and wetas are covered! My tester enjoyed the stories immensely and looked forward to bedtime when she’d get to read one to her little sister! She also really liked the cute illustrations that had both of them in giggles.

Random House New Zealand

Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

stories for6 yr oldsa

This is a collection of 25 short stories that have been specifically chosen to appeal to 6 year olds. A very old ghost, an accident-prone cousin, a pirate in search of a ship, fish fingers for breakfast, a dog who loves football, hairy armadillos, aliens in pyjamas, a boy in trouble, a big brother who can fix anything, secret creatures in the playground and an unexpected escape for Gibblewort the Goblinare some of the stories you’ll find inside. The authors are a mix of well-known and unfamiliar names that include Margaret Mahy, Patricia Grace, and David Hill.

This will be enjoyed by those who like to be read to or can read themselves. My tester is a slow reader and not very confident but she enjoyed reading these out loud to her little sister every night. She liked the shortness of the stories and though ‘they were all cool’. The perfect gift for 6 year olds!

Random House New Zealand

Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

christmas cracker

A Merry Christmas gift from Jacqueline Wilson, this book has a variety of short stories featuring much loved characters from her various book series. There’s a brand-new tale as well as the classic favourite Starring Tracey Beaker, in which everyone’s favourite heroine lands the lead role in her Christmas play.

After each story is a festive puzzle, tasty recipe, perfect present tips, or piece of Christmas trivia that relates to the story. After Ruby and Garnet’s Christmas story there is a recipe for making gingerbread twins and after Hetty Feather’s story fun facts about Victorian Christmases are listed.

A fun, cheerful read that let us revisit favourite characters, as well as introducing them to new readers. One to buy any tween girl for a stocking stuffer!


Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan


The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales31 short stories by 27 authors, including Joy Cowley, David Hill, Lyn McConchie & Dave Freer.

What will Santa put under your tree this Christmas? A present that growls? Or one that smiles? The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales – crazy Christmas adventures for the whole family! Christmas in outer space or at the beach, havoc in Santa’s workshop, monsters running amok, and mad scientists who turn Christmas into chaos.

Come along for the sleigh ride of your life, as these Twisty Tales weave their festive magic, whipping across New Zealand pastures, scattering fairy dust on the way to a Christmas BBQ!

YouTube Book Trailer:

Anthology Editors: Peter Friend, Eileen Mueller, A.J. Ponder

Illustrator: Geoff Popham

Authors:  Shelley Chappell, Michelle Child, William Cook, Debbie Cowens, Joy Cowley, Denise Cush, Marion Day, Simon Fogarty, Dave Freer, Peter Friend, Jan Goldie, David Hill, Tim Jones, Charlotte Kieft, Lyn McConchie, Eileen Mueller, Jeena Murphy, Lee Murray, Robyn P, Murray, Lorraine Orman, A.J. Ponder, D.M. Potter, Dan Rabarts, Darian Smith, Kerrie Anne Spicer, Anne Wilkins, Sophie Yorkston.

Publisher: Phantom Feather Press

ISBN Paperback :   978-0-9941155-0-8
ISBN Mobi:   978-0-9941155-1-5
ISBN Epub:  978-0-9941155-2-2
ISBN Pdf:  978-0-9941155-3-9

Publication Date etc: 1/11/2014. Paperback 224 pages. 10% of all profits from The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales will be donated to The Muscular Dystrophy Association of NZ.

Available: Good New Zealand book stores and on Amazon (ebook.) Wholesalers, retailers and booksellers, please order from Phantom Feather Press. Contact us here.

Pleasant reading this festive season!

war girls

This is a collection of short stories that explore how WWI changed and shaped the lives of women forever. From a courageous nurse risking her life at the Front; a young woman discovering intrigue in London; to a grief-stricken widow defending her homeland from foreign invaders, these stories show how the war affected all, no matter their nationality or class. The stories are from various authors, some quite recognisable names and show loss and grief, and hope overcoming terrible times.

I really enjoyed the different perspectives – some from those caught up in the fighting; those volunteering to help; those left behind; and from the people the Allies were fighting against. Very interesting as you don’t often get a glimpse into the life of ‘the enemy’. I really liked old lady in the 70’s recalling life after the war. I knew there was a shortage of men causing many women to never marry but she made it seem real, not just an abstract knowledge. I’d love to read more about her life too – becoming a journalist and being in the thick of WWII, she sounds a hell of a woman!

A very good book, well worth reading for another slant to WWI. It was nice to remember that women had guts and made sacrifices too, not just the courageous soldiers.

Andersen Press Ltd

Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan