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Tracy Beaker is back, and she’s a mum now…

The Dumping Ground is far behind her, and Tracy Beaker has grown up, living on a tough housing estate with her daughter, Jess.

This time, it’s Jess telling the story.

Jess looks like a mini version of her mum- but she’s not quite as fiery. Well, not often. Jess and Tracy are living a hand-to-mouth existence on their estate, until Tracy meets up with someone from her past and their whole lives are turned upside down…

My Mum Tracy Beaker is a fantastic new story, reuniting readers with a much-loved old friend. Just like old times, it’s packed full of illustrations from Nick Sharratt throughout.

My Mum Tracy Beaker

Jacqueline Wilson


Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Maree

Even the redoubtable Tracy Beaker can get stuck in a relationship that is not all it should be. We meet Tracy and her daughter Jessica when Tracy has just started a new relationship with the wealthy and handsome ex-footballer Sean. But Jessica isn’t convinced that Sean is fond of Tracy’s famously independent ways and no-filter mouth. Tracy has to battle through finding and losing, then finding, love, finding and losing jobs and looking after her daughter with every fibre of her being. A heart-warming story of what really matters in life.

christmas cracker

A Merry Christmas gift from Jacqueline Wilson, this book has a variety of short stories featuring much loved characters from her various book series. There’s a brand-new tale as well as the classic favourite Starring Tracey Beaker, in which everyone’s favourite heroine lands the lead role in her Christmas play.

After each story is a festive puzzle, tasty recipe, perfect present tips, or piece of Christmas trivia that relates to the story. After Ruby and Garnet’s Christmas story there is a recipe for making gingerbread twins and after Hetty Feather’s story fun facts about Victorian Christmases are listed.

A fun, cheerful read that let us revisit favourite characters, as well as introducing them to new readers. One to buy any tween girl for a stocking stuffer!


Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

diamondDiamond is a beautiful, talented acrobat performing with the Tangle field’s circus.  She wasn’t always a star though, being born into a poor family in the 1800’s as Ellen-Jane and being a delicate girl instead of the strapping son her mother wanted.  When the circus is searching for new performers her father sells her to the cruel Beppo the clown and she quickly becomes part of the show as a child acrobat.

Beppo trains her and the other acrobats, punishing them for every mistake and forcing her to perfom increasingly more dangerous tricks.  Diamond is scared of him and soon becomes too terrified to step into the ring.  Then a new girl, Sapphire, joins the circus as the ringmaster and quickly becomes Diamond’s best friend, protecting her from the mean Beppo.   Then life at the circus becomes too dangerous and Diamond and Sapphire must decide what to do.

Starting the book, I wasn’t sure what to expect but quickly became enamoured with the tale.  The characters are very likeable and I wanted them to triumph, as I was drawn into their world.  The plot is fast paced, filled with clever twists and turns. The Hetty Feather series is historical fiction but light and quirky enough for younger readers.  A fun read.


Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan