Review of War Girls – Various

Posted: October 19, 2014 in Review, short story, war, young adult

war girls

This is a collection of short stories that explore how WWI changed and shaped the lives of women forever. From a courageous nurse risking her life at the Front; a young woman discovering intrigue in London; to a grief-stricken widow defending her homeland from foreign invaders, these stories show how the war affected all, no matter their nationality or class. The stories are from various authors, some quite recognisable names and show loss and grief, and hope overcoming terrible times.

I really enjoyed the different perspectives – some from those caught up in the fighting; those volunteering to help; those left behind; and from the people the Allies were fighting against. Very interesting as you don’t often get a glimpse into the life of ‘the enemy’. I really liked old lady in the 70’s recalling life after the war. I knew there was a shortage of men causing many women to never marry but she made it seem real, not just an abstract knowledge. I’d love to read more about her life too – becoming a journalist and being in the thick of WWII, she sounds a hell of a woman!

A very good book, well worth reading for another slant to WWI. It was nice to remember that women had guts and made sacrifices too, not just the courageous soldiers.

Andersen Press Ltd

Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan


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