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Little Kiwi Counts The Chicks

It’s spring and Little Kiwi and Little Sister are in the forest listening to the newly hatched birds.  They have never seen so many and decide to see if they can count them.  There end up being too many for Little Kiwi to count.

This book helps toddlers become familiar with numbers and objects and helps them recognise the concept of counting.  Beautifully illustrated with cute birds that look alive, each number from one to ten has the corresponding number of  chicks for readers to count.

The numbers are in their numerical form, as well as the word form identifying each bird family.  A well thought-out book that is sure to help develop counting skills.


Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan


stripes no spots

Tiger and Leopard argue over which is best – stripes or spots. Te squabble turns into a quarrel, the quarrel turns in to a war, and soon the jungle is a mes. Monkey calls a meeting of the Jungle Council and they come up with a plan to decide which is best – spots or stripes

The story is so cute! It made me laugh and it loved how David Attenborough popped up. There were some fold out pages – a surprise but it really fits the story. The illustrations are so bright and colourful, and have such humour in them! I loved the asides the animals were speaking and the tanks were adorable.

This will make a great addition to the library and a fun present.


Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

Lets Catch that Rainbow

Bored one day while waiting for his brother to return from school and enjoy some of mum’s just-baked cake, Hadleigh sees a rainbow and heads outside to catch it. Failing, he asks his mum for help and they make a valiant effort to catch the rainbow, jumping high and often.

Hadleigh’s brother returns from school and every pupil on the bus is recruited, plus the driver and teacher. They have a lot of fun but don’t make much headway before Hadleigh’s dad and some mates turn up from a day’s fishing. They have a great idea………………

I really liked how everyone came together to help and thought this   was a great story to share with kids. The author illustrated the book and they are delightful, being bright and colourful. They fit the story perfectly, giving a lot of detail without being too fussy. A lovely book to have in the library.

Pine Estates Books

Supplied by David Bateman Ltd

Reviewed by Jan

the dinosaur that pooped the bed

More of Danny and his pooptastic dinosaur!

Danny and his dinosaur are bored and looking for something to do, so his   mum says they can watch cartoons – AFTER Danny’s room is clean.  They dejectedly trudge off to make a start but realise it’ll take AGES!

Then Danny has an idea……….

The story is told in short sentences that rhyme and are catchy to read aloud. The illustrations are bright and colourful, helping to bring the story to life. I love how the subject matter is gross but funny, and how many children find poop funny?!

Another brilliant book in an appealing series, this will delight any child and most adults. My copy was immediately pounced upon by the 30+ yr old flatmates, before making my 4 yr old test reader delirious with joy. Her mum isn’t as thrilled though, as she will read this every night until he next one comes out.

Red Fox

Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

hairy maclary

All 10 books featuring the beloved Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy!

Each story features the intrepid little terrier and his friends, all have rhyming names.

“Schnitzel von Krumm
with a very low tum,
Bitzer Maloney
all skinny and bony,
Muffin McClay
like a bundle of hay,
Bottomley Potts
covered in spots,
Hercules Morse
as big as a horse

and Hairy Maclary
from Donaldson’s Dairy”

The plots are simple and involve Hairy and his friends in adventurous scenarios. They often are pitched against local cats, who are led by Scarface Claw, the toughest tom in town.

The pictures have more detail than is described in the text and is full of easily recognisable items. The story is told in brief words that are descriptive while having a rhythm that make them easy to read for little kids and ESOL learners. The repetitions permit a young child to anticipate what is coming next, and repeat the words.

There is a CD included that features all the 10 stories read out loud. Lynley Dodds introduces each story with an entertaining account of how it began and the introduction in the book shares how the Hairy Maclary became a book.

The only concern about this book is its hardcover and could be too big and heavy to hold long, especially for children.

I loved reading this, as at 36 I was a bit too old to discover Hairy Maclary when the first book came out in 1983. I do remember Slinki Malinki though and possess a copy of ‘My Cat Likes To Hide   In Boxes’! I highly recommend you buy a copy; children will love   the read—along CD and Hairy Maclary is a kiwi classic.


Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

love from the very hungry catepillar

You are . . . the cherry on my cake . . . the apple of my eye. You make . . . the sun shine brighter . . . my heart flutter . . .

This cute little book is a celebration of love and full of ways to tell a special someone how much you care for them. The Very Hungry Caterpillar appears beside a collection of favourite things, from yummy treats to shining stars. The artwork is bright and colourful, holding the atentkion of little ones nicely. The six month old tester loved it!

Picture Puffin

Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan


Based on the real-life story of Elizabeth, an elephant seal who made the Avon River in Christchurch her home. When she decided to stretch out in the middle of a busy road there was concern she might get hurt or cause traffic accidents, so a group of locals tow her out to sea so she can find a new home. Elizabeth swims all the way back to Christchurch though so the group tows her out again – and again – and again, each time towing her further and further out to sea. It doesn’t work and she finds her way back home each time.

Every time Elizabeth is towed out, a little boy called Michael misses his friend and the book focuses on their ongoing relationship. Eventually the locals admit defeat and put up a traffic sign to protect Elizabeth on her road. The final page has information   on elephant seals; their eating habits, life cycles, habitat, etc.

The illustrations are gorgeous! They are restfully coloured and are very cute, expressing the text perfectly. This is a lovely story and a must have for any child with a love of nature and people and animals co-existing.

Schwartz & Wade

Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan