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Devil May Cry: Dark-Hunters Book 11

Sherrilyn Kenyon


Sin is a Sumerian god who was stripped of his powers by Artemis.  He has spent the last 11,000 years fighting Gallu demons while dressed in black leather, and plotting revenge against Artemis.  Sin’s father created the Gallu and his entire family has been destroyed fighting to keep humans safe from them.  The only other person capable of fighting them is Ash, and bound by his promise to Artemis, he’s unable to help.  So Sin is the only one stopping the Gallu from destroying the earth.

Katra is a goddess devoted to fighting evil.  She is also a servant of Artemis, carries out her orders, and is also Artie’s lookalike daughter.  After being ordered by Artemis to kill Sin, Kat is captured by him.  After learning how her mother stole his powers, she decides to make things right by fighting with him to defeat the Gallu and avoid the Apocalypse.  Kat is also Ash’s daughter.  He finally finds about her after 12,000 years.

They must rescue Sin’s twin brother, Zakar, from his torture at the hands of the Gallu, as well as stopping the Gallu demons, the Dimme, from escaping.  Dream-Hunters, daimons, dolphoni and Chrontere demons team up to offer their help – yes! Simi!  Throughout the book we get a clearer hint of Ash’s past, his ties to Artemis, and family.

This is a well-written action-packed story filled with known and new characters and very hot romance.  A new Dream-Hunter was introduced, Xipher, who sounds interesting!  Ash’s servitude to Artemis ends with this book and next in the series is his story – so there’s anticipation to look forward to.

Fevre Dream

George RR Martin


Supplied by Hatchette

It is 1875 and Joshua York is a vampire – part of a race that existed long before humans existed and who need to drink fresh blood once a month.  After discovering a harmless way to do this, Joshua wants to become bloodmaster (leader of this society), gather his people and lead them out of hiding to live peacefully with humans.  His main obstacle in this is the current bloodmaster, Damon Julian, ancient, insane, and seriously depraved.

Abner Marsh is a broke Mississippi steamboat owner.  To turn his luck around and regain his business, he accepts an offer of partnership from Joshua York.  He wants the new steamboat, the Fevre Dream to use as a cover when travelling in search of his kind.  Abner knows Joshua is a bit ‘off’ but his love for the river helps suppress his misgivings.

There was a lot of boring (to me) detail about boats and I lost interest.  The story seemed slow-paced and to drag with all the flashbacks.  There wasn’t enough romance for me and it was too much in the horror genre, which is not appealing to me.  If you want light, fluffy, mindless entertainment, this is not the book for you.  If you like historical horror boat vampire stories, try this.

Dream-Hunter: Dream-Hunters Book 1

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Published by Piatkus

Supplied by Hatchette

Arik is a Skotos, a god who travels through human dreams.  Cursed by Zeus never to feel emotion, they visit the dreams of human to experience emotions through them.  He meets a woman whose dreams are vivid and he feels her emotions as his own.  So he can meet her, he strikes a bargain with Hades – a soul for a body.  Only he doesn’t realise it’s her soul.

Megara Kafieri’s father was obsessed with finding the lost city of Atlantis despite being dismissed as a crank by everyone, including his daughter.  Geary’s father left her a few objects from Atlantis he discovered and she continued his quest to find Atlantis.   But the gods don’t want Atlantis to be found.  It would lead to Apollymi being released, causing an apocalypse.

It was a fun read, I enjoyed how they met – heroine saving the hero’s life – and it’s not a typical romance.  There was an interesting plot, the search for Atlantis and Arikos discovering emotions and human life.  There was also plenty of action, with a number of fight scenes.  This is the first of the Dream-Hunter series and it predates the Dark-Hunter series, though many characters from that series were prominent in the book.

Like all books in the Dark-Hunter series there are quite a few steamy scenes.  As it’s the first in a new series you don’t need to have read the Dark-Hunter series, but it would help with background on some characters if you had.  Another book by Sherrilyn Kenyon that is hard to put down.

Keri Arthur

Circle Of Fire: Damask Circle Book 1

Provided by Hatchette

Published by Piatkus

The Damask Circle is an organisation that is made up of people with supernatural talents that fight supernatural evil.  Jon Barnett is hawk shape shifter who is investigating the disappearance of sixteen teenagers, some of whose bodies have been discovered drained of blood.  When he’s shot and left for dead, he appears to Maddie Smith in several dreams, asking for her help.  Maddie is a clairvoyant fire starter who has never accepted her gifts and, being thought crazy by her family, has retreated from the world.  She ignores Jon until her nephew vanishes and she needs Jon’s help to find him.

Though I never figured out who the first panther was, I enjoyed the story.  This book has Keri Arthur’s slow build up to the adventure and action, then its nonstop excitement.  The story has the classic man/woman romantic tension, with the hero saving the day.  A light, entertaining read, I’m looking forward to the next in the series.

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Born of Ice

Provided by Hatchette

Published by Piatkus

Alix Gerran has three weeks to save her mother and sister from rape and execution by the Ritadarion Government. To free them, she must find evidence of treasonous activity by Devyn Kell, a spaceship doctor and smuggler, so she obtains a position as an engineer on the same ship. If she fails to find proof, Alix is to plant the evidence needed to legally hang him.  Once in service to the League, Devyn now smuggles supplies to those in need of basic sustenance in order to survive. .

The League Series was first published years ago by different publishers for each story and is now being reprinted by Piatkus.  Normally a huge fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon, I found this book very hard to get into and my attention wandered frequently.  The characters seemed a little spoiled (having connected parents) and the evil half-brother who turned out to be a self sacrificing hero was a bit unbelievable.  If you want very light reading with a bit of action, this would be ok.

Keri Arthur

Circle Of Death: Damask Circle Book 2

Provided by Hatchette

Published by Piatkus

Kirby Brown’s best friend is killed by a madman who is now after Kirby – and she has no idea why. Doyle Fitzgerald is part of the Damask Circle and has been sent to Melbourne to hunt down the killer, where he finds Kirby and uses her as bait to draw the killer out.  Kirby’s past is the secret to the killer’s identity and she eventually remembers being part of a circle of witches in her teens, witches who are being drained of their power then ripped apart…….

Another enjoyable paranormal romance from Keri Arthur, full of her trademark action, adventure and romance.  I enjoyed this book, there was action from page one, with grisly murders, witches, vampires, shape shifters, and zombies.  More is learnt about the Damask Circle and what it does.  Looking forward to the next.

Edited by P. N. Elrod

Strange Brew

Published by St. Martin’s Griffin

Supplied by Auckland Libraries

This is a collection of stories by urban fantasy authors, and I found they were well selected and kept my attention.  I also discovered a couple of authors I hadn’t read before and am interested in reading more of.

There are some familiar story settings; ‘Seeing Eye’ .by Patricia Briggs has a blind witch helping a werewolf find his cop brother.  They’re not part of the Marrock’s pack but the setting is after he outed werewolves.  I found this story very enjoyable and my only complaint is it ended to soon.  Finding out more about the witch and her family (her father took one eye then she removed the other) would be very interesting.  I hope to see more of the cop brother in a spin off series.  ‘Bacon’ is by Charmaine Harris and is about a very old vampire joining forces with a witch from an ancient bloodline to find out who killed her beloved werewolf husband.  I love the ending!

There’s a Nocturne City story by Caitlin Kittredge, about Luna’s cousin Sunny.  It was a pleasant surprise as she shows she’s just as tough as Luna.     There’s also ’Last Call’, a Harry Dresden story where the wizard takes on the darkest of dark powers – the ones who dare to mess with his favourite beer.


Molly Harper

Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men

Published by Pocket Star Books

Supplied by Auckland Libraries

The next light-hearted book about Jane Jameson, a former librarian who was fired and changed into a vampire, both on the same day.  Vampires are now part of society and have rights, the same as in Sookie Stackhouse books, except I found this a much funnier read.

Jane is bridesmaid in her best friend’s wedding, who is the groom.  The bride s a werewolf, a fact they’ve hidden from his family, who prefer Jane as the bride and have missed the fact she is a vampire.  While she’s dealing with the Titanic-themed wedding and hostile werewolf in-laws, Jane is also trying to deal with un-dead dating with her rich, good-looking sire Gabriel and her Black Widow grandmother’s new fiancé – who smells musty and has a string of dead spouses.

This book kept me laughing and I’m waiting for the next in the series ‘Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever’.  The first book is “Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs”

Kim Harrison, Jeaniene Frost, Vicki Petterson, Jocelynn Drake, Melissa Marr


Supplied by Auckland Libraries

Published by Eos

A collection of stories by five urban fantasy or supernatural writers, classified in the YA library collection for unknown reasons.  Melissa Marr’s ‘Two Lines’ was different, a woman is fighting to stop turning into a glaistig, while her family are encouraging it, all the while she is hunting down a zombie making bad guy she has the hots for.  Glaistigs swallow the last breathe of mortals or strangle them – preferably during sex.  I really enjoyed Jocelynn Drake’s ‘The Dead, the Damned, and the Forgotten, about a vampire who has to put down uprisings in her territory and figure out the person behind the conspiracies.

Jeaniene Frost’s “Reckoning’ has more of Bones, the vampire bounty hunter.  This is before he met Cat and follows him as he hunts down a pair of undead sadistic killers.  (Yes, she watched a little too much Buffy before creating him but you can never have too much Spike).  The other stories didn’t grasp my attention, but fans of the authors might enjoy them.