Curse of the Werewolf Girl – Martin Millar

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Review

Curse of the Werewolf Girl

Martin Millar

Published by Piatkus

Supplied by Hatchette

Reviewed by Jan

Kalix MacRinnalch is still in London with her laudanum habit.  She’s now living with human friends, university students Daniel and Moonglow, and she’s also enrolled in college in remedial classes. Vex, Queen Malveria’s soon-to-be-adopted niece, has also moved in while going to the same school, where she awards herself gold stars for her poems about life as a fire elemental.

Thrix, Kalix’s fashion designer/werewolf/sorceress sister has started a relationship with a member of the werewolf hunter guild.  Her brother, the new Thane, has a penchant for cross dressing and ends up juggling women and his official duties. Queen Malveria obsesses about fashion and her rival, while others plot to overthrow all them and steal their kingdoms.

The cousins are still making very poor music in London’s underground scene. And the white haired wolf is being stalked by a man she spurned in college. When Kalix’s former lover is murdered, it begins a chain of events that brings everyone together for a bloody showdown at a Scottish castle where a charity opera event is taking place

This is the sequel to ‘Lonely Werewolf Girl’ and you really need to read the first book as there are many characters. Kalix is still as angsty and depressed as ever and her college life, along with the drama of being hunted by some enemy werewolves is driving her anxiety level WAY up. Kalix is broody and gritty, a really nice change of pace for what a stereotypical main character should be.  This is a book for both teenage and adults, offering a fun ride in Martin Millar’s demented world.

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