Lonely Werewolf Girl – Martin Millar

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Review

Lonely Werewolf Girl

Martin Millar

Published by Piatkus

Supplied by Hatchette

Reviewed by Jan

Isolated and alone, Kalix MacRinnalch is living on the streets of London, dodging murderous werewolf hunters and family members while feeding her laudanum habit.  Her clan is in Scotland, plotting and planning how to drag Kalix back to face trial for attacking her father, the Thane, werewolf king.  Her sister Thrix is also in London, building up her fashion business, designing clothes for the Fire Queen and keeping out of werewolf politics.

Kalix is almost caught by hunters and manages to escape with the help of Daniel, a human university student.  He takes her to his flat where she is looked after by his flatmate, Moonglow.  They are shocked to find Kalix is starving and almost illiterate, and further shocked by her brother showing up and trying to kill her.  They persuade Thrix to help hide her sister, with the assistance of the Fire Queen.  Meanwhile, back in Scotland, the MacRinnalch clan plots to elect an heir for the Thane.

I was put off by the cover quote from Neil Gaiman, describing Martin Miller as writing “like Kurt Vonnegut might have written, if he’d been born fifty years later in a different country and hung around with entirely the wrong sort of people”.  I really don’t like Vonnegut, finding him too dark and weird.

I started this book slowly and by chapter 17 was convinced I didn’t like it (chapters being 2-3 pages).But then I reached the middle.  People around Kalix were drawing together, leaving her surrounded by friends.  I’m glad I kept reading, this is a very good story, with a theme of drawing together to beat adversity.  This is marketed at teens but can be read by adults.  Try it.  Stick with it.  It’s worth it.

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