Review of Gathering Darkness – Candice Fox

Posted: December 29, 2020 in crime, Review, thriller

A convicted killer. A gifted thief. A vicious crime boss. A disillusioned cop. Together they’re a missing girl’s only hope.

Blair Harbour, once a wealthy, respected surgeon in Los Angeles, is now an ex-con down on her luck. She’s determined to keep her nose clean to win back custody of her son.

But when her former cellmate, Sneak Lawlor, begs for help to find her missing daughter, Blair is compelled to put her new-found freedom on the line. Joined by LA’s most feared underworld figure, Ada Maverick, the crew of criminals bring outlaw tactics to the search for Dayly.

Detective Jessica Sanchez has always had a difficult relationship with the LAPD. And her inheritance of a $7 million mansion as a reward for catching a killer has just made her police enemy number one.

It’s been ten years since Jessica arrested Blair for the cold-blooded murder of her neighbour. So when Jessica opens the door to the disgraced doctor and her friends early one morning she expects abuse, maybe even violence.

What comes instead is a plea for help.

Gathering Darkness

Candice Fox

Bantam Australia

Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan Butterworth

Held up at gunpoint at her overnight shift in a convenience store, Blair Harbour feels for the terrified young woman and doesn’t  tell the store owners – who happen to be a drug cartel – figuring she doesn’t need to be on the run from them too.  Blair was a respected surgeon before being convicted of the murder of her neighbour and her one goal is to keep her head down to win back custody of her son.

Then she learns the robber is her former cellmate’s missing daughter – Dayly – and her mother begs for help to find her.   Against her better judgement, Blair starts investigating and is forced to ask for help from Ada Maverick, a former inmate who owes Blair a debt and happens to be a scary criminal boss in L.A.  They enlist the help of Jessica Sanchez, the LAPD detective who arrested Blair, whom other cops hate due to an inheritance of a $7 million mansion.

The story is told from two POVs, Blair’s and Jessica’s, and is fast-paced with lots of things happening very quickly.  The different threads are all very tightly wound and as the story unfolds, it all comes together.  I loved some of the ending, other bits haqd me asking ‘did that HAVE to happen?’ and made me sad.

If you enjoy creepily compulsive crime thrillers tis is a MUST READ!

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