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the slaughter man


A wealthy family has just been gruesomely executed inside their exclusive gated community, their youngest child abducted. Detective Max Wolfe is assigned the job of hunting down the killer and bringing him to justice, aided by his homicide team. Quickly forming a theory that the family was targeted because they were too perfect, they are stunned when the crime’s M.O. matches one of 30 years ago. Could the killer be the same man?

The Slaughter Man had done his time and is now old and dying though. Could he really be back killing families? Could this be a macabre tribute by a copycat killer – or a contract hit that is intended to frame a dying man?

Then another boy disappears……

Again, I couldn’t put this book down and was a zombie the next day due to lack of sleep.   The story was told in three parts and the plot was fast paced and very very clever. Full of twists and turns, most of which I didn’t see coming, despite being a crime novel devotee. The ending was satisfying and wrapped things up nicely. Max needs to change jobs if he plans to keep his promise to Scout though.

Read it, the series is excellent but you don’t need to have read the first to get lost in this.


Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

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the murder bag

Detective Max Wolfe has just been assigned to the Homicide division of London’s police force and assigned to a gruesome yet puzzling homicide. The victim, a rich, privileged banker, has had his throat skilfully slit open and there are no fingerprints or glove prints left by the killer at the scene. The homicide team are searching for leads when another body is found with its throat expertly slit, this time a homeless, heroin addict. Max discovers how they were connected – part of a group of rich, privileged students at an exclusive private school, Potter’s Field. Now the rest of the group is terrified, someone is killing them one by one.

There’s a person on the internet claiming responsibility – Bob the Butcher – and he’s gaining a lot of admirers for slaughtering the elite. Max isn’t convinced he’s the killer though, as the team trawl through the murky corners of the internet to track him down. Meanwhile the killer lurks in the shadows, waiting to finish the job of gaining vengeance on the group.

Wow! I couldn’t put this book down, finishing it in a day at the expense of my study. A very clever plot, I saw some things coming while others surprised me. The story unfold at a quick pace, though never feeling rushed. The characters are very real and likeable, with Max sharing just enough of his home life you can see he’s flawed but does his best. I wasn’t thrilled with the ending and felt for the serial killer – but draw your own conclusions.

I was hooked from the first page and am looking forward to reading more of Max Wolfe’s adventures. A thrilling read I highly recommend.

Supplied by Random House New Zealand
Reviewed by Jan

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