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Once upon a poop . . .

Our fearless heroes are back!
Danny and Dinosaur are convinced that a damsel in distress needs their help… the only problem is, they aren’t sure where she actually is.

So they set off through Fairy Tale Land to track her down, but things don’t go exactly to plan…

Can Dinosaur make it through Fairy Tale Land without eating everything in sight?

And do all princesses really need to be rescued?

Packed with prehistoric cheekiness, punchy girl power and, of course, lots and lots of poop!

The Dinosaur That Pooped A Princess

Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter, illustrated by Garry Parsons

Red Fox

Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

More from Danny and his dino pooper friend!

Danny is on a quest to save a princess and he and his dinosaur end up in Fairytale Land.  After being pointed in the right direction by the Gingerbread Man, they meet a variety of other fairytale characters – Three Little Pigs and Prince Charming among them – and trolls, orcs, and dragons.  Finally they find the princess’s castle, only to realise they can’t reach her.  Then the dinosaur comes up with a plan………….

The plot unfolds in rhythmic sentences that are a lot of fun to read aloud.  The illustrations are awesome, bright and colourful with much detail.  The ending is very cool and how all fairytales should end.

This is another brilliant book in the series and I urge you to collect the set.  I love the cute cover quote from a 6 yr old fan “I like that he poops, but how does he wipe his bum?”  My 4 yr old test reader is now 7 and still loves this series and her mum is happy as she can enjoy the story now Brooke can read by herself.


For over fifty years, no girls have been born – only boys.

The youngest and last generation of women alive are now in their fifties. Not only are their looks fading, but these greying women are humanity’s only hope for survival.

Until there is sudden hope: a girl is born. And in that moment, she instantly becomes the most important person in history.

She is their saviour.

Her name is Eve.


Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Piper Mejia

Ahh young love, what could be more beautiful or exciting … only freedom.  In Giovanna and Tom Fletcher’s first foray into co-writing for a YA (young adult) audience, Eve of Man explores the idea of ‘what if you were the last woman on earth’. This novel could have been an opportunity to explore ideas of equal rights or gender roles in society, but instead the Fletcher’s focus their narrative on the power of lies. An event that so recently has victimised our own political world.

Eve, the main character, has spent her life protected in a gilded cage at the top of the tallest tower, not totally unaware of the lies that have entrapped her.  It is only with age that experience teaches Eve to take every opportunity to find the truth in her world, no matter the risk. But she is not as alone in her risk taking as she thinks.

With reminisces of Rapunzel meets The Handmaid’s Tale, this novel is the beginning of an epic journey to save the humanity from extinction. It is clear that the authors are appealing to their audience through a ‘boy rescues girl’ trope, with an illusion that Eve is the one in control of her own fate, however, there is nothing wrong with having hope that the future will be better for all of us.

the dinosaur that pooped the bed

More of Danny and his pooptastic dinosaur!

Danny and his dinosaur are bored and looking for something to do, so his   mum says they can watch cartoons – AFTER Danny’s room is clean.  They dejectedly trudge off to make a start but realise it’ll take AGES!

Then Danny has an idea……….

The story is told in short sentences that rhyme and are catchy to read aloud. The illustrations are bright and colourful, helping to bring the story to life. I love how the subject matter is gross but funny, and how many children find poop funny?!

Another brilliant book in an appealing series, this will delight any child and most adults. My copy was immediately pounced upon by the 30+ yr old flatmates, before making my 4 yr old test reader delirious with joy. Her mum isn’t as thrilled though, as she will read this every night until he next one comes out.

Red Fox

Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

the dinosaur that pooped the past

Danny and his pooptastic dinosaur are back!

They are celebrating the birthday of Danny’s gran and she serves up broccoli and Brussel sprouts, making him clean his plate before going to play. The dinosaur sneakily gobbles the lot before he and Danny rush off to use the swing – which has powers to go back in time. They travel back until the swing snaps and throws them into the middle of a forest where they meet some dinosaurs. Their play is interrupted by a volcano exploding and they repair the swing to leave before realising all of them make it too heavy to swing through time. Then the dinosaur comes up with a plan………….

The plot is in rhythmic rhymes that are short and catchy, with clever illustrations that tell the story well. They are bright and colourful, conveying the humour of the book. This is a brilliant book in the series and one any child will love!

Unsure the parents will though, after the millionth bedtime reading it might get a little annoying.

Red Fox

Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

the dinosaur that pooped a planetThe Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas is back!

Danny and his dinosaur liked to have fun but were bored one day as they had no games.  They decided to go to the Space Museum to have a look around and accidently launched themselves into space!  They were enjoying the trip until they realised they had no lunch.  Then, well, dinosaurs need to be fed regularly…..

A brilliant sequel that carries on the humorous tale of Danny and his dinosaur.  The verses that tell the story paint an amusing story and are have a good rhythm when read aloud.  The illustrations are rich and colourful, they are full of detail and fun to look at.

This book was read and promptly taken to kindy to be read by the teacher during storytime.  A great favourite to be read at bedtime, the mother is grateful it still appeals to her and she hasn’t resorted to hiding it!

Red Fox

Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

It was the night before Christmas and a greedy little boy was lying in bed, wishing for even more toys.  So Santa decided to give him a special present……..

A cautionary tale of what wanting to much can get you, it shows how important family is and ends on a heart-warming note when everything turns out ok.  The book is composed of cleverly written stanzas with rhyming and a great beat when read aloud.  The illustrations are fantastic, colourful and conveying a sense of realism in each scene.

Written by Tom and Dougie from McFly, this is a wonderful, entertaining picture book that’s perfect for reading to little ones as well as delighting adults with its humour and clever illustrations.  I highly recommend this book for any children in your life and even if you don’t have any

Red Fox

Supplied by Random House

Reviewed by Jan