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The PSS Chronicles is the acclaimed young adult paranormal thriller series written and self-published by award-winning author Ripley Patton. 

If you’re already familiar with the series, you know how great these books are. They are true paranormal thrillers and almost impossible to put down.


Book One, GHOST HAND, was a semi-finalist for the 2013 Kindle Book Review Best Indie Book Awards and it was a 2013 Cybil Award Nominee. It has over 200 reviews on Amazon with a 4.4 overall rating.

GHOST HOLD has been just as well received with over 40 reviews, only one under 3-stars. Readers often comment that is is even more compelling than the first book.

And NOW, Ripley Patton is gearing up for the release of the third book in this series, GHOST HEART, by running a Kickstrater Project HERE.

All Ripley’s books have been funded successfully through Kickstarter, which allows readers to pre-order the books in e-book and paperback format, in addition to ensuring she can publish them to the highest quality. Plus, its just fun to be a part of the amazing process of making a book a reality.

This time around, Ripley has something special going on. Backers of the project will actually be helping unveil the GHOST HEART cover, one piece at a time, as the funds for the book are raised. To whet your appetite, she’s already let one little corner show here. Just a hint. Just a tease. The rest is up to you and all the backers of the GHOST HEART KICKSTARTER PROJECT. But I really hope it doesn’t take too long because I’m dying to see that cover.


If you’re new to The PSS Chronicles, never fear. The GHOST HEART Kickstarter Project has reward options to purchase all the books, both in e-book and signed paperback format for some amazing prices.

Not only that, but if you want to test drive the series before committing, Ripley is currently offering the first book of the series, GHOST HAND, FREE on Amazon and Kobo, and for only 99 cents on B&N.


Run over to Ripley’s Project now and back GHOST HEART. Tell your friends and family and fellow booklovers. Share the project on social media and help Ripley unveil that cover and blow this Kickstarter Project up.

And to find out even more about Ripley, you can check her out on her WEBSITE, on FACEBOOK, on TWITTER, on GOODREADS, and on GOOGLE +. She’d love to connect with you and talk about books, writing, movies, or whatever strikes your fancy.

ghost holdOlivia Black is headed to Indiana with Marcus and the team (and oddly Passion) to rescue the next name on the list of kids with PSS – Samantha James.  Only there’s a problem, Sam belongs to a cult of PSS worshippers and has no wish to be rescued.  Olivia and Passion must go undercover at Sam’s school to try to get closer to Sam and her inner circle.  They then go on a wild ride with the cult, secret ceremonies, lies, deception, and betrayal.

Another great read with a fast-moving plot and lots of action.  The different manifestations of PSS are fascinating – I never would have guessed the blood one.  I liked finding out more about Passion, she’s an interesting character once her protective shields are dropped. Marcus really annoyed me with his keep-truths-from-Olivia attitude.  I liked when she got sick of it and dumped him but refusing to leave the river at the end – show some self-preservation!  Sam’s informing to her dad about those with PSS was a bit creepy – her telling him everything.  About that anyway.

Some very interesting revelations happened – about Kaylee, one of the names on the list and who gave the team a warning.  It had a very dramatic ending on a cliff-hanger and I can’t wait to read the next and find out what happens and how Olivia rescues herself.

I NEED #3!!!

Ripley Patton

Supplied by the author

Reviewed by Jan

I was lucky enough to have the chance to talk to Ripley Patton and ask her some questions about her debut novel, Ghost Hand, and her life as a writer.


How did you come up with the concept of PSS and the character of Olivia Black?

I have a friend who is an amputee, and I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that he can feel his missing leg. When he walks barefoot in the backyard, his phantom toes, the ones on the missing foot, feel the grass. So, for Ghost Hand, I asked myself, “What if ghost limbs really existed? What would they be made of, and what would they do?”

As for the character of Olivia, she’s a whole lot me and a little bit my teenage daughter, plus some other people thrown in for good measure.

Which characters are particularly fun to write?

I love writing Olivia, of course, and Marcus and Passion are a blast too.

Plug the book in twitter form (140 characters or less)

Olivia Black’s ghost hand just went rogue, and the only person who can help her control it is a boy she barely knows and doesn’t trust.

Phew, that was hard.

You’re a talented writer, having published many short stories and flash fiction.  Where do you get your inspiration for stories from?

Thanks so much for saying I’m talented. My inspiration for my writing comes from everywhere. I get so many ideas I have notebooks of them and am hoping I can live more than one life to get all the books written that are waiting in line.

What is a typical day for you?

I get up and get the husband and kids off to school. I usually have a list of things to do, many writing related but some mundane like doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom. I usually start my work day by checking my e-mail and social media, but I try to do this in thirty minutes or less (okay, an hour if I’m honest). Then I move directly into writing until lunch, at which time I often also take a walk. Then back to writing until the kids get home or someone insists I make dinner. I try to keep the evenings and weekends free for my family, but will often slip some promotion in too.

You lived in New Zealand for a few years and survived earthquakes, laughing in the face of danger.  How have those experiences helped you as a writer?   Any plans to return?

So many of my experiences in New Zealand helped me as both a writer and a person. I think traveling and inserting yourself in different cultures expands your own story, and therefore the stories inside of you. The earthquakes in particular were a very Armageddon type of experience for me and my family. I think they made us stronger, and braver, and more resilient. And that experience will probably show up in a YA series someday. As for returning to New Zealand, I deeply hope I get to. I miss it often and with great pangs of the heart.

You self published Ghost Hand.  Why did you decide to self publish and how hard of a journey was it?

I decided to self-publish for many reasons, the main two being timing and control. After spending three years writing and polishing Ghost Hand, I didn’t want to spend another three trying to convince someone else to publish it. I knew it was good enough. And financially, I honestly had to start making money from my writing or go out and find another way to help support my family. Add to that the fact that I wanted control and involvement in cover design, formatting, marketing, and most importantly, royalties and rights, and the decision was pretty clear.

The journey of self-publishing was actually a joy. I loved every step of it and haven’t had a single regret. I learned about the publishing process and had some amazing people help me along the way. It wasn’t hard. Waiting to hear back from agents and publishers? That was torture. Self-publishing was just fun.

Do you have any advice for writers?

Have fun. Never give up. And don’t wait to get it perfect because no one ever does.

Describe the feeling in 25 words or less of how it felt seeing your name on your book for the first time.

It felt like finally fulfilling the thing I was meant to do in this life.

ghost hand

Thank you very much to Ripley for taking the time to answer my questions in detail.  You can find out more about Ripley at her facebook or amazon pages or her website.

ghost handOlivia Black has a ghost hand, a rare birth defect that means her glowy, see-through hand is presently lit up, making the teen stand out from her peers.  Taking a test in calc class one day her ghost hand loses control, plunging into the back of the girl sitting in front of her and pulling something out.  The hot new guy, Marcus, helps controls her hand so no one notices and warns Olivia people are out to get her.  Figuring he’s crazy, Olivia runs from him, only to find people really are after her.  She needs help and Marcus is the only one she can turn to……

I’ve been a witness through social media to the birth of this book; from the writing of an idea into a story, to the editing, designing a book cover, publishing hassles like getting an ISBN; and marketing.  I’m delighted to say it’s wonderful and exceeded my expectations.  The premise is great; a ghostly hand that can pull problems out of someone.  The plot is tightly woven and moves quickly along, with plenty of action and moments where you wonder how they will get out of this.  The characters are strong and believable and easily come to life as you read.  Revelations are made and there are lots of I-didn’t-see-that-coming moments.

There is a tiny bit of romance but it’s all very innocent, building tension and developing relationships for future books in the series.  This is definitely a book suitable for teens but enjoyable for adults too.  Try it, you’ll love it.  I’m eagerly awaiting the next in the series so I can see what happens next.

Published by Ripley Patton

Reviewers own copy

Reviewed by Jan

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