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our new zealandCovering New Zealand’s birds, trees, sport, places, and stars, this is a book of small snapshots of kiwi life.  It shows the adventurous things we do in our leisure time; explains why certain dates are important to us; shows off the talented artists we have; and shares our favourite foods.

Some stereotypes are assumed – I’ve never jumped off a bridge with rubber bands tied to my ankles or been in a jet boat driven at high speeds at a canyon wall (yet) – but we all know someone who has and fits the stereotype.  This book is a beautiful celebration of New Zealand though, and shows the typical kiwi life.

Beautifully illustrated with glossy, full colour photos from a number of the country’s best photographers, these stunning shots showcase the best of New Zealand and remind us how why we live here.  This is the ideal way to showcase our home for friends and family overseas, so buy it and make them envious of you for living where you do!

Warning:  this book wiil make expats homesick.

Random House New Zealand

Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan