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the third  wife

Maya walked into a bus after a drunken night out. Her grief stricken husband Adrian is not sure if it was a tragic accident or suicide. She had a job she enjoyed, friends she liked, his children and ex-wives adored her. They were one big, happy family. Or were they?

The book starts off with Adrian struggling to cope after Maya’s death, then becoming determined to find answers. The story is then told from Maya’s point of view of her marriage and events happening in her life. The last part of the story sees Adrian finding out truths, about Maya and about himself.

I liked this story; it dragged a bit in the middle but became interesting again by the end. The ending surprised me as I didn’t see it coming but ties in with the themes about what makes families tick and forgiveness. I was sad Maya never got a happy ending though. A sweet read that’s non-demanding, if a little depressing.


Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

the house we grew up inMeg Bird’s mother, Lorelei, has just died and she heads to her cottage to clean it up, her daughter Molly in tow.  This is a massive job as Lorelei was a hoarder.  Meg’s siblings are due home for their mother’s funeral and to help clean the cottage.  The Bird family aren’t close and haven’t been together in the same place since one tragic Easter.

As Lorelei’s emails to a love interest reveal her memories of her family, the book jumps from present to the past and events are revealed, giving an insight into the children became distant from each other.

The Birds are a rather odd family and it was fascinating to find out the reasons why they were so dysfunctional.  This book was a fascinating glimpse into how starting in slow steps from having collections, someone becomes a hoarder and explains why it happens.  The plot was interesting and I found the jumping back and forth in time easy to follow – the dates at the beginning of each segment helped.

The characters were likeable and easy to become involved with. Meg’s forgiveness of Bill seemed a little too quick to me to be believable but everyone is different.  I liked the ending as the cleaning out seemed to banish ghosts and be the start of new beginnings for everyone.  A good book to read, enjoyable with an interesting story.


Supplied by Random House

Reviewed by Jan