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cop town
Set in downtown Atlanta in the 70s, Maggie Lawson comes from a working class family of cops and has carried on the tradition despite the daily prejudice she faces as a woman in a man’s job. There’s been a shooter killing cops in random for the last six months and Maggie’s brother Jimmy, the golden boy of the force, has just been shot and his partner killed. The good ol’ boys on the force are out for blood and not too worried about due process.

It’s Kate Murphy’s first day as a cop and a steep learning curve for the beautiful blonde from an affluent part of town. Partnered with Jimmy, he quickly ditches her and she teams up with Maggie to find the shooter. Jimmy’s hiding secrets though and they find the murders may not have been so random after all.

This is a stand-alone but I hope it’s not the last we see of Maggie and Kate. They were great characters, showed they were human, and you felt their struggles. Every character was dealing with prejudice, either their own or facing it; sexism, racism, classism, homophobia. The story itself was divided into days, with a tightly woven plot and a lot of action. I was surprised when I found out who the bad guy was and adored the ending of the novel!


Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

unseenLena has been attacked in her home and seen her husband Jared shot.  A detective in Macon County, it is thought that one of her cases is behind it.  Lena is no stranger to trouble as it follows her around and Jared’s stepmother, Sara Linton, blames her for the shooting just as she is convinced Lena is the cause of her husband’s death.

Will Trent is a taciturn undercover investigator for the GBI – Georgia Bureau of Investigations.  Involved romantically with Sara, he avoids telling her about his latest assignment that involved him in the shooting of Jared.  He is gaining the trust of a drug dealer and his deadly girlfriend.  Sara comes to Macon and becomes involved in Will’s case without knowing it.  Soon danger is everywhere and they don’t know who to trust.

This has a complex plot with many twists and turns.  There was a lot going on with the action fast-paced and the violence necessary.  The characters were strong, well-developed and believable.  I want to see more of them.  The ending was great, with the reason of why events happened so simple but chilling.

This was the first book by Karin Slaughter I’ve read and while I enjoyed it, there was information missing that was covered in the earlier books in the books.  I recommend reading the series in order, as this is a great story.  I now have to track down her earlier books.


Supplied by Random House

Reviewed by Jan