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the king

After centuries of ignoring his kingship, Wrath has finally accepted the crown and is ruling the vampire society. The threat from the Band of Bastards is still there though, and has glymera support, as they want a ruler who embraces the old traditions of aristocracy. The war with the lessening society rages on and they need new fighters.

Beth wants Wrath’s young and is unprepared for his response, or the distance it puts between them.

Xcor is the leader of the Band of Bastards and one of the leaders in the plot to take down the King. But he’s fallen for the Chosen Layla, who is pregnant with Qhuinn’s young. Layla has unexplainable feelings for Xcor and has to keep her relationship with him secret.

Trez is trying to get away from his future, which is to be the mate and sex slave of the next Queen of the Shadows. Hiding out with the BDB, he falls for the Chosen Selena and his brother iAm will do anything to help him escape his fate.

Assail feels compelled to help Sola, the burglar who was paid to spy on him.

The plot is very involved, with multiple storylines and recurring characters, and it would help if you’d read the previous in the BDB series. The main story was Wrath and Beth and it was refreshing to read their HEA wasn’t all sunshine and roses and see how they dealt with challenges.

I don’t like Assail and he and Sola seem a bit pointless, I’m not sure why their story is being told. I swing between not liking Xcor and feeling sorry for him, I   think Layla’s made a huge mistake though.

I like Trez and Selena and hope they get their HEA, their story is the next book.

I loved when Wrath met his subjects!

Hopefully we’ll see more of Paradise in later books.

And there are Lassiter scenes!

A must read for BDB fans!


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Reviewed by Jan

Lover at Last: BDB 11 review

lover at last bdb11Blay and Qhuinn finally get their HEA!

Part of the Black Dagger Brotherhood who battle the lesser to keep vampires safe, Blay and Qhuinn are tough, street-smart fighters.  Blay is in a relationship with Saxton, Qhuinn’s cousin and the Blind King’s lawyer.  He sees Qhuinn as eventually settling down with a female partner and is positive he loves Layla.  Qhuinn realizes he’s in love with Blay but is sure he’s in love with Saxton so buries his emotions.  After he took care of Layla during her needing in Lover Reborn she is carrying their young.  Layla is still adjusting to life on the other side and happy to have someone to love in the baby.  She can’t stop thinking about the traitor Xcor though.

Xcor and the Band of Bastards are recruiting support among the glymera to overthrow the king.  They are also fighting the lesser that are growing stronger, thanks to the new Fore-lesser and his entry of them into drug dealing.  Assail controls the flow of drugs into Caldwell and only cares about money, hence his business dealings with the lessers.  He is distancing himself from Xcor, not wanting to be drawn into political games.  Someone is watching him though, a human female who he is fascinated with.  Trez is avoiding his fellow Shadows, or s’Hisbe, who want to bring him home to be the sex slave of the queen’s daughter.  For years he has sullied himself with humans in the hopes of avoiding this fate.  The only one who can protect him is his brother, iAm.

A tight plot with several story threads intertwined, you need to be familiar with the BDB world to fully grasp who is who and understand the backstories.  There is a lot of action and violence, and it’s definitely erotica and R18.  The main story line is between two males, so if you disapprove of same sex relationships don’t read this.  I was a bit disappoint that the heroes didn’t get it together until 10 pages from the ending but look forward to seeing more of Trez in future stories.  Xcor and Layla’s story will be great!


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Reviewed by Jan

Lover Reborn: BDB10 review

This book can be split into two parts.   First is for BDB fans.  The other is advice and tips on writing that can be applied generally.

First, a short story about Z and Bella.  Squee!!!

Then questionaries the brothers have filled out and interviews with each.  JR Ward then gives an overview of each book – how she crafted it, people, places, character motivation.  Deleted scenes are included, with an explaination of why they were taken out.  JR Ward also shares her favourite bits from each book as well as all the Brothers interviewing her.

JR Ward’s site has forums –  Some message board threads from the Brothers are posted here and pretty hilarious.  Some little scenes of life from the Brotherhood are also made available on the board and are in the book.

In the Writer’s section she lists her 8 writing rules – #8: listen to your rice krispies! – and gives advice to those who want to get published.  She gives advice about query letters – what to include, what to leave out – and reproduces the exact proposal she sent out for the first BDB book, Dark Lover.

This is a must read for fans.  It also has very wise advice on writing.


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Reviewed by Jan

lover at last bdb11When a vampire dies by any ‘natural’ means or are pure they move unto the Fade, but bad people end up in Dhunhd (hell).  If they commit suicide, it’s either wither away in the ‘in between’ or move into hell.   No’one was raped by a sympath, before being found and sheltered by Darius and Thor.  She gave birth to Xhex, and then committed suicide with Thor’s dagger.  She has spent the last few hundred years in the service of the Scribe Virgin, working as a servant to try to forgive her sins.  She was a bit too passive for me, letting Thor treat her horribly and being a martyr.  I was pleased he got to know Xhex though.

Thor is still devastated over the loss of his shellan, Wellsie and unborn son, murdered by a lesser.  He’s fighting lessers every night and has a death wish.  Then he learns Wellsie and the baby are trapped in the In-Between by his refusal to let them go.  They can’t get to the Fade and are disappearing, doomed not to have peace.  He has to move on and has help from No’one and Lassiter, a fallen angel.  Thor was a bit of a whiner – oh poor me, I’m broken – and needed a good kick over how he treated No’one (and the memory of Wellsie).

The Band of Bastards has a plot against the Blind King, with the intent of claiming the throne for Xcor. They have a series of secret meetings with members of the glymera, to gain support for dethroning Wrath.  Xcor is a great character, I started off not liking him, then hoping someone see below his exterior and he gets his HEA.

There are multiple storylines, and reading the previous books first is recommended, to grasp the back-story.  These are not a teenager’s vampires. The Brotherhood is rough, violent, raw, and very, very sexy.  Definitely adult only.  Finally!  Thor’s story!  The original brothers all have their HEAs now; it’s time for the secondary characters to get theirs.  Qhuinn & Blay are the next story!  But what of Layla?  She now has feelings for someone but is ……. – read the book.  In 2013 all will be clear.


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Reviewed by Jan

lover Unleashed: BDB9 review

lover unleashed bdb8Payne and Wrath were sparring at the end of the last book, Lover Mine, and she broke her back.  The Scribe Virgin allows Wrath to take Payne from the “Other Side” to the Brotherhood mansion.  Being blind, Wrath doesn’t realise she’s the twin of Vishous.  It’s only when Doc Jane examines Payne and looks into a face with the same features as her hellren, does V know he has a twin.  Payne has been cloistered on the “Other Side” for centuries, held immobile as punishment.

Payne’s back needs a surgeon with more skill than Doc Jane has, so she suggests Manny Manello.  He’s a human surgeon who had a thing for Doc Jane before she died and became a ghost, and V’s shellan.  He and Payne feel an instant connection, though they face immense objections from V, her brother, and Wrath, the king.

V and Doc Jane are a major sub-plot, with any unresolved issues coming out.  The main one being V’s need for BDSM.  Butch helps with sorting their issues out.  I had never seen the point of Doc Jane before but this book has made me really like her.  There’s a Qhuinn/Blay/Saxton sub-plot too.  Qhuinn decides to stop living his destructive man-whore life and removes his piercings, while Blay is badly hurt fighting lessers.  I always thought Qhuinn would end up with Blay but now, with Layla becoming a close friend, I’m not so sure.

The answer to who killed the Bloodletter (the twin’s cruel father) is given in the book’s opening.  The Band of Bastards is also introduced, a band of warriors who destroy lessers, and anyone else who gets in their way.  Their leader is Xcor, a son of the Bloodletter who is determined to avenge his father’s death by killing Payne.  The brothers have come over from the Old World with the intent of killing all lesser, overthrowing the king, and Xcor claiming the throne.

There are also a series of brutal deaths that have nothing to do with lesser.  Instead they’re the work of a human serial killer.  The book doesn’t have too many different storylines, though you need read the previous books in the series to quickly grasp the various story arcs.  These are not a teenager’s vampires. The Brotherhood is rough, violent, raw, and very, very sexy.  Definitely adult only.


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Reviewed by Jan

Lover Mine: BDB8 review

lover mine bdb8The 8th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, this is John Matthew’s story. The plot started at the end of book 7, with Xhex’s kidnapping, and follows his efforts to find and rescue her, then kick the crap out of the evil lesser who took her. Of course Xhex is too cool to hang around waiting for JM, so she rescues herself before hunting down the bad guy and dispensing some violence!

There were several subplots going on beside the main story. Blay and Qhinn and Saxton – Qhinn’s lawyer cousin who appeared in book 7, Darius, Tohrment and how they are connected to Xhex, the regular meetings Payne and Wrath have on the Far Side, that are to practise fighting techniques.

One subplot I couldn’t see the point of was the paranormal investigators, Holly and Gregg. They were investigating a haunting at a Southern mansion unconnected to the brotherhood and I couldn’t see why. I skimmed most of their bits as I found Holly a bit of a twit and Gregg a selfish prick, but then the ending revealed why it was in the book.

I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series, which is apparently Payne’s story. This is a R18 series and I’d recommend you read the first 7 before this one as there are recurring characters and dramas that are continued in the story, without any back story. Very tightly written, fast paced with lots of action, and the good guys triumph! I highly recommend this for older readers.


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Reviewed by Jan

Lover Avenged: BDB7 review

lover avenged bdb7The Black Dagger Brotherhood returns! Rehvenge has his story told and we learn more about his background and how a sympath half breed was born into an aristocratic vampire family. He meets a vampire nurse, Ehlena, and has to struggle to hide is drug dealing, dirty deeds, and sympath side from her, while submitting to the blackmail of the sympath Princess, his half sister.

Xhex is given a bigger subplot, exploring her character and motivations more, and John Matthew appears often throughout the book. Tohrment snaps out of his grief daze while the Blind King learns to accept his kingship and physical limitations. The evil Lash continues to plot and make chilling alliances with other evildoers. The usual cast of suspects lurk in the background and pop up every so often.

J. R. Ward has a new viewpoint on the vampire rules and creates an exciting, new world. None of them sparkle either. This book was a lot longer than previous ones in the series, probably because there were a lot more back stories in it. I would recommend reading the rest of the series before this one, to get background, and as I could see new readers becoming confused and giving up. This has the usual BDB action, rescues, evil plotting relationships, and the Brotherhood. Sigh.

One thing I couldn’t quite understand was the logistics of how Ehlena copes with Rhev’s spine. I couldn’t visualise it.


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Reviewed by Jan

Lover Enshrined: BDB6 review