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I originally thought this was a book about New Zealand rivers, describing each river and the countryside it flowed through. It’s actually better than that. This book talks about each of New Zealand’s major rivers, from the Waikato in the North to the Rakaia in the South, and how people, both Maori and European, interacted with each river and how the river influenced the culture. For the history buff, this book is very educational, describing people and events that don’t usually turn up in standard history books, but who in their own way, put their mark on history and influenced what happened. Lots of excellent photos are scattered through this text.

The book also explains why the Maori claim ‘ownership’ of the waters and also why we all New Zealanders need to look after our rivers. The water in them, as well as the life in them, is a precious resource that needs to be properly managed.

In summary, this book is more suited for the historian rather than the geographer, but it is definitely an interesting read for those interested in NZ history.

Photography by Aliscia Young

Random House New Zealand

Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Keith