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Emmy Dockery’s sister died in a house fire eight months ago that was ruled accidental but she’s not convinced. She has uncovered a string of other fires that killed a person living alone and were ruled accidental. A research analyst with the FBI who is on unpaid leave after her boss accused her of sexual harassment, Emmy can’t get anyone to take her findings of a serial killer arsonist seriously and investigate.

After turning to her former fiancé, former special agent Richard Bookman, for help, Emmy meets with the Director of the FBI who assembles a preliminary investigation. Emmy and Books must find proof that the deaths were murders in order for a full investigation to occur, an almost impossible task as all the evidence looks to be normal fire damage. Is Emmy right and a clever monster on the loose or is she just a grieving sister unwilling to accept it was an accident?

A very clever plot that proceeded at a breathtaking pace and was full of misdirection and twists I did not see coming. The story itself was chilling; the arsonist was diabolically smart, planned things well and was horrifyingly sadistic. I thought I guessed the ending but then a new twist was thrown in and I as unsure. I eventfully was proven right but the new twist was never explained, leaving me confused as to why it occurred.

A must read for any fans of mysteries and thrillers, with a tiny splash of romance thrown in.


Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan