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the shangai factorThe hero is an unnamed American spy recruited by a CIA-like agency after being wounded in Afghanistan.  Though he studied Mandarin in college he finds the only real way to learn the language is to live in China.  There he meets a beautiful Chinese girl, Mei, after se crashes into his bike with hers.  He suspects she’s a Chinese spy but begins a torrid affair with her anyway.

Then he goes undercover as the American ambassador for a massive Chinese multinational company learn the secrets of the CEO, Chen Qi, who is believed to be the front man for the Guoanbu, the Chinese intelligence agency.  The spy soon discovers his agency has many enemies and the Guoanbu may know his true identity.   Mei goes in and out of his life as he gets drawn into a deadly power struggle between his agency and the Guoanbu which could alter the East/West balance of power.

It’s well written and has the complex plot of classic spy thrillers but I just couldn’t get into it and gave up reading halfway through.  That’s just my opinion though, with others enjoying it.  If you like le Carre give it a go.

Head Zeus

Supplied by HarperCollins New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan