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Beauty – Louise Mensch

Posted: January 4, 2014 in chick lit, Review

beautyRelease Date: 28th January 2014


Born into a poor, working-class family, Dina Kane’s mother resented her for both being gorgeous and existing.  Growing up second-best to her adored brother she works hard at school, determined to make a success of her life.  Kicked out of home at 17, she moves to New York City and bluffs her way into a job as a waiter.  Many are attracted to her beauty but she rebuffs them all, before falling for a rich guy.  That turns out to be a huge mistake and Dina plots to get revenge. But she’s made an enemy.  Dina continues working hard and rises to the top, determined to become a success in the competitive beauty field of makeup.  Her enemy is lurking though, ready to destroy her and all she has built.  But have they underestimated Dina…..?

The plot is fast-moving and there is a lot going on, while following the familiar storyline of chick-lit books.  Dina faces many setbacks but emerges triumphant and kicks ass, while also getting a HEA.  I really enjoyed this book and it has ensured I remain a fan of the author (formerly Louise Bagshawe).  A perfect read for a lazy day where you don’t want to expend too much effort.

Headline Press

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Reviewed by Jan