Review of Little Hector meets Mini Maui – Ruth Paul

Posted: December 16, 2020 in children, picture book, Review

Little Hector is off on a holiday to meet his rare and special cousin, Mini Maui. For the first time in his life, Hector is the BIGGER dolphin. But Mini thinks he’s BOSSY. Will they ever be friends?

The third story in award-winning author Ruth Paul’s Little Hector series introduces readers to the world’s smallest and rarest dolphin species – and shows that friendship isn’t about size, it’s about sharing.

Little Hector meets Mini Maui

Ruth Paul

Picture Puffin

Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan Butterworth

Little Hector’s family is going on holiday and he finally gets to meet his cousins.  Hector’s mother explains they’re the last in that line of the family so he must be nice to them.  He is thrilled to discover his cousin – Mini Maui – is smaller than him and gets a bit bossy when playing games with her.  Upset when Mini won’t play with him anymore, Hector has to figure out what went wrong and how he can fix it so they can play together again.

The illustrations are so vivid and colourful, they illustrate the story perfectly and are joyful and stunning.  The text is broken up into easy to read sentences and have relevant illustrations by them.

The back cover has lots of useful facts about the Maui dolphin and explains why they’re so special.  It tells you where they’re found and what to do if you spot one.  Handy information to have for a summer break!

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