Review of He Started It – Samantha Downing

Posted: November 18, 2020 in Review, thriller

Beth, Portia and Eddie are siblings. Like all siblings, sometimes they don’t get along. They just have better reasons than most.

But when their grandfather dies, he leaves a troublingly specific condition in his will. For them to inherit his wealth, they’re required to retake a road trip they took with him when they were children, and scatter his ashes at the end of it. Of course, reuniting after all this time brings back memories of that ill-fated trip. Memories of what went wrong. But it’s not only memories they have to worry about. Someone is following them. Each of them is keeping secrets. And all of them are all too aware of what happened last time.

Because you can’t inherit the money if someone kills you first.

He Started It

Samantha Downing

Michael Joseph

Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan Butterworth

Eddie, Beth, and Portia have to to retake a road trip they took with their grandfather when they were children in order to inherit his wealth.  Eddie and Beth are married and their spouses, Krista and Felix, join them on the road trip.

The rules of the trip are; they can’t go to jail, or murder anyone on the trip, and have to scatter their grandfather’s ashes at the end of it. Sounds simple.

The story is told from Beth’s POV and information is drip fed to you bit by bit, until you have enough to piece the puzzle together.  Maybe.  I definitely did not see that end coming.  The last few paragraphs were awesome while the last sentence was brilliant.

This book is very clever psychological thriller and a real page turner.  I highly recommend it for those who love a good story that keeps you on the edge of your seat and unputdownable.

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