Review of A Trio Of Sophies – Eileen Merriman

Posted: April 30, 2020 in mystery, Review, young adult

\Mystery and unsettling revelations keep up the suspense in this page-turning novel.

The last time I saw Sophie A, she was kissing James Bacon. She could have any guy she wanted, but she was kissing an English teacher who was eight years older than her.

Right back when Sophie MacKenzie started primary school, she was befriended by Sophie Twiggs and Sophie Abercrombie. Although they developed different interests, the threesome have stuck together through high school. But now Sophie Abercrombie is not just The prettiest Sophie, she is also The missing Sophie. As Sophie MacKenzie confides to her diary, Sophie A went missing sixty-four days ago and, despite police investigation, she has not been found.

The Trio of Sophies is no more.

A Trio Of Sophies

Eileen Merriman

Penguin NZ

Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan Butterworth

The Sophies have always been friends.  All different – Sophie A is the pretty one, Sophie M is the brainy one, Sophie Twigg (Twiggy) is the sporty one – but they have a close friendship, bonded by having the same name in a Year 7 class.  Now in their final year of school, Sophie A has disappeared without a trace and the remaining Sophies bond is quickly unravelling.  The police can’t find her  and there’s just questions and anguish for everyone.

The story is told in by Sophie M diary form, starting from the 64th day that Sophie A has been missing and working backwards to the day she disappeared.  Then it chronicles day 65 and jumps forward to various dates from then on.  This was a new way of telling a story for me but it was so clever.  You quickly figure out the who, but the how and why are slowly revealed and as new details emerge, everything makes sense.  It’s only at the end that you realise how manipulative Sophie is and the very last page – wow!

This is a great story, full of tension and drama while featuring situations teens might face – abusive relationships being one.  The writing is just fantastic and draws you into the story.  I just couldn’t stop reading and devoured the book in a few hours.  Read from front to back, don’t give in top the temptation to skip ahead to day 0 or you’ll miss vital bits of the story.

I highly recommend this book to teens and anyone who wants  a great read that will keep you enthralled and on the edge of your seat.

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