Review of Wildlife in Aotearoa – Gavin Bishop

Posted: October 1, 2019 in nonfiction, picture book, Review

Long before waka touched Aotearoa’s shores, the land of the long white cloud was home to an array of creatures uniquely adapted to its environments and protected by its isolation.

Encounter New Zealand’s incredible wildlife in this spectacular visual exploration.

Journey through ocean, sky and land to meet a marvellous range of organisms.

Discover fascinating facts, and learn how we influence the survival of our living treasures.

In this magnificent companion volume to Aotearoa: The New Zealand Story, Gavin Bishop weaves a compelling visual narrative of our land, our people and our wildlife — past, present and future.

Wildlife in Aotearoa

Gavin Bishop


Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan Butterworth

The contents of this book are cleverly separated into various categories – Tangaroa’s Watery World explains briefly about our oceans – then further grouped into There are Fish and Whales as Big as a Bus, Some Fish Enjoy the Light of the Sun, and Some Fish Prefer the Dark and Quiet of Deep Water. 

The contents naturally flow on to Because of All These Fish, Aotearoa is the Seabird Capital of the World and Where the Sea Meets the Land.  Each of the species featured has its name displayed next to it and a brief fact about it.  There is a glossary with an explanation of unfamiliar words used and discussions about Safe Places for Native Wildlife on Land and Safe Places for Native Wildlife at Sea, as well as explaining The Kermadec Island Marine Sanctuary.

This is an incredible picture book exploring New Zealand’s unique landscapes and its remarkable wildlife by the award-winning author of Aotearoa: The New Zealand Story.  It is spectacularly illustrated with realistic images and is attractively laid out and contains interesting facts.  I avoided the insects’ page though as the illustrations are so realistic I could feel my skin crawling!

A picture book to treasure, I highly recommend having a copy.

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