Review of Weekday Meals in Minutes – Simon & Alison Holst

Posted: November 19, 2017 in cookbook, Review
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Published by Hyndman

Supplied by Hyndman NZ

Reviewed by Jacqui Smith

This is another collection of a hundred practical and useful recipes from the Holsts, this time focusing mainly on dinners. It begins with salads, many of which such as the Chicken Caesar Salad would make a more than adequate (and healthy) lunch. The sandwiches, wraps and burgers are more what I would serve for dinner with some sides, and I have to say that the Mediterranean Meatballs in Pita Pockets are going to happen for dinner in this house sometime soon. Then there are pasta and rice dishes including a couple of nice risottos, and a Baked Vegetable and Macaroni Cheese which looks like a good way to smuggle extra vegetables into the diet. There are curries and chillies, vegetarian meals, seafood and meat dishes, finishing up with an “Easy No-Knead Pizza” which is made pretty well exactly as I make my home-made pizza (only I do tend to knead the dough a bit).

All in all, this is an excellent collection of recipes you’d actually use. My only real quibble is that it could have benefitted from a page or two at the back devoted to making easy home-made versions of bread products such as burger buns, pita bread and wraps, which are used frequently in this book.

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