Review of An Uncommon Woman – Nicole Alexander

Posted: August 14, 2017 in family saga, Review

Inspired by a real newspaper story from 1930, An Uncommon Woman is an epic tale of duty, ambition, prejudice and love, from the pen of bestselling author Nicole Alexander.

A new world is waiting for her . . .

It’s 1929, and the world is changing. Cars are no longer the privilege of the rich. Hemlines are rising. Movies are talking. And more and more women are entering the workforce.

For Edwina Baker, however, life on her family’s farm in Western Queensland offers little opportunity to be anything other than daughter, sister and, perhaps soon, wife.

But Edwina wants more. She wants to see the world, meet new people, achieve things. For while she has more business sense than her younger brother, it will be Aiden who one day inherits the farm.

Then the circus comes to town. Banned from attending by her father, Hamilton, Edwina defiantly rides to the showground dressed as a boy. There she encounters two men who will both inadvertently alter the course of her life: pastoralist Mason with his modern city friends; and Will, a labourer who also dreams of escape.

And when the night ends in near-disaster, this one act of rebellion strikes at the heart of the Baker family. Yet it also offers Edwina the rare chance to prove herself in a man’s world. The question is, how far is she prepared to go, and how much is she prepared to risk?

Random House

Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

In 1930’s Queensland, Edwina and her brother Aiden work the family the farm together, ruled by a strict and cold father.  Edwina wasn’t allowed to make decisions or even leave the  farm unless accompanied – he also refused to listen to her ideas at improving their land.
When the circus was in town, Edwina dressed as a boy and rode her horse to see the event.  There, she met the two men who would feature in her future in a big way. While she needed to hide her visit to town from her father, she feared what would happen should he find out…
I normally devour any epic historical fiction book by Aussie author Nicole Alexander but I just couldn’t get into An Uncommon Woman.  It started off too slow with a lot of descriptions and explanations and I got bored with it. I also didn’t like the heroine, finding her naïve and arrogant.

Try it yourself though, I may just be grumpy from 19 days without chocolate.

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