Review of Rage of the Rhino: Mission Survival # 7 – Bear Grylls

Posted: November 15, 2015 in adventure, Review, young adult

rage of he rhino

After discovering how excellent the last book in this series (Strike of the Shark) was, I doubted that Rage of the Rhino could be an improvement. How wrong I was.

This book continues the story of Beck Granger, a young hero who is determined to continue his parents’ legacy to save the world from pollution, poachers, and greedy companies that would do anything to make more money. After his adventure in the last book, Beck is wary about leaving the home. But disaster strikes when an e-mail shows up from an old friend of his parents. She is asking him to come to Africa so he can make a SAVE-THE-RHINOS campaign to discourage people who kill rhinos for their keratin and ivory. But it turns out all is not as it seems in Africa.

Like most Bear Grylls books, Rage of the Rhino provides life-saving information. Because this book is based in a safari setting, the tips include things like: that you can find safe drinking water from squeezing elephant dung, or that zebra stomachs make a great insulant for food.

This is an amazing book, the characters are relateable, the concept is understandable. It’s a simple story with a brilliant plot. I cant wait to read Bear Grylls’ next book!


Supplied by Penguin Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Dylan

Review of Strike of the Shark

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