Review of My Story – Louise Nicholas

Posted: January 19, 2015 in autobiography, nonfiction, Review

My Story

The truth behind Louise Nicholas’ claims of gang rapes by policeman that was one of the biggest court cases in New Zealand.

It tells the story of a girl who was 13 when the abuse by policeman first started and continued throughout her teens and twenties. It shows how badly she was let down by authorities and the legal system and shines a spotlight on how rape survivors are treated.

I was on the fence about this story when it first broke and I’d like to say a huge sorry to Louise for my doubts about her. The back-story was hugely informative and the evidence suppressed! That was disgusting, it should have been admitted! I was left with outrage justice wasn’t served and sympathy for victims, their families, and all the genuine police officers and others who fight for the truth.

Now fighting to change the system to stop victim blaming and serve up justice in New Zealand courts, Louise and the Rape Prevention agencies she works with are amazing. She helped police set up a training program for officers to learn how to work with victims of sexual assault and campaigns for funding to support them. I don’t know how she isn’t huddled in a corner somewhere crying but Louise is a fighter, a truly inspirational woman who is a survivor.

I think this book should be a must read for every New Zealander, especially teenagers as they go through school. It certainly was an eye opener for me.

Random House New Zealand

Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

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