Review of The Perfect Match – Katie Fforde

Posted: October 10, 2014 in chick lit, Review, romance

The Perfect Match

A successful real estate agent, Bella has found happiness with her boss Niall and is content with her life. Her tranquil life is rocked by the reappearance of Dominic, a man from her past who stirs up feelings and in spires a deep longing in her for something more. Growing concerned about Niall’s secretive business dealings, Bella turns to Dominic, a lawyer, for help. Soon she is confronted with the truth and needs to make some tough decisions.

Bella lives with Alice, her godmother and friend, in a charming, spacious house. The 60 year old has recently met a younger man and is having a wonderful time with him. His daughters don’t approve though, viewing Alice as a scheming gold-digger who will break their father’s heart. Can Alice win them over and follow her heart?

I liked the characters and the plot was well laid out with a happy ending.   A light-hearted book that was easy to read and a lot of fun, I recommend it if you want some escapism and a HEA.


Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

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