Review of Great Walks of New Zealand: Map Series

Posted: October 7, 2014 in nonfiction, Review

Great Walks of NZ - NZMap

A collection of nine different maps of nine famous tracks in various National Parks, these are tough, durable maps that are designed to be taken on tramps, being waterproof and tear resistant. They have comprehensive track notes and useful elevation and distance graphics. There is a 3-D map on the reverse that gives a detailed bird’s eye view of the National Park the track is in.

It’s made from Rockstock which is a revolutionary breakthrough in papermaking technology. It is a ground-breaking high quality, coated paper with outstanding environmental values that prints extremely well using standard inks – no special inks are required. It can be used in most situations where conventional and synthetic paper is used and offers exceptional printing, water proofing and tear resistant qualities.

Rockstock is the world’s most environmentally friendly paper, being manufactured from ground down waste stone and off cuts used in the building industry. It contains no wood fibre and has a low carbon emission, using significantly less energy to produce than wood fibre paper. There is no effluent generated in its manufacture (airborne or solid) and it requires no water, acid, base or bleach during production. Any trimmings or waste paper from production are recycled to make new paper.

Rockstock is both recyclable and photo-degradable and compostable under suitable conditions. Due to its absorbency attributes, it has superior handling and printing qualities and is also water, mist, grease, anti-moth and insect proof, freezer grade, and can be heat sealed. Rockstock has unusual physical strength and high fold durability.

A really useful map to take when walking the famous tracks in the scenic beauty of New Zealand. It’s also really cool to see that paper does not require the harvesting of trees to produce it!

Craig Potton Publishing

Supplied by Craig Potton Publishing

Reviewed by Jan

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