Review of I am Rebecca – Fleur Beale

Posted: August 20, 2014 in general fiction, Review, young adult

i am rebecca

Rebecca Pilgrim is a devout Christian who devotes her life to living by The Rule, which is taught according to the Elders of her church. When she turns 14 she will find out who she is to marry, as all girls must be married by the time they turn 16. He twin sister Rachel has her heart set on marrying the boy she loves while Rebecca just wants a husband who is kind.

The choice is not theirs to make though, as the Elders decide who their husbands will be. Then God makes a surprising decision that is shown to Elder Stephen, the leader the Children of God. Rebecca then has t make a terrible choice between her immortal soul and freedom.

The sequel to I am not Esther this story takes us back to the Children of God sect and the power they have over members. The psychological control the Elders have over members is immense and scary and I was disgusted with Elder Stephen’s behaviour.   The whole thought control and messages sent were appalling to me, though I could see the attraction of the community spirit.

I was happy to catch up with the family’s ad characters met before and see what their lives are like now. Fleur Beale is a great writer and always produces fascinating stories. I hope more will be written about the younger Pilgrims later.

Random House New Zealand

Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

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