Review of Never Say Goodbye – Susan Lewis

Posted: April 5, 2014 in general fiction, Review

never say goodbye

Warning: This book deals with breast cancer and going through treatment for it.

Josie has just found out she has cancer and hides it from her family. Her husband had an affair with her best friend and she fears he only stayed with her for their children. They’re struggling with rising bills and not enough money, while their son is in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. The bright spot in their lives is their daughter Lily – smart and beautiful, she’s almost finished at uni and is happily planning a bright future with her posh boyfriend.   Josie is struggling with dealing with her diagnosis and is put in touch with someone who’s been through the same ordeal.

Bel is smart, classy, posh – and a good listener. Put in touch with Josie by a breast cancer support group, she provides support for Josie and they become firm friends. Her identical twin sister died of the disease, leaving behind two children and a devastated husband, who quickly remarries. He and his wife are soon planning on moving overseas with the children, separating Bel from the children, something she’s fighting hard against.

A really good story about friendship and hope, this book was a good read. The characters are well defined and you want the best for them. It is brutally honest about chemo and its side effects and is tough to read. It may be too painful for sufferers or bring back memories for someone who nursed a family member though their battle but is worth reading.

Have a box of tissues close to hand for this one


Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan


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