10 things learned when writing + Giveaway of The Virgin Detective – Kat Cavanav

Posted: March 20, 2014 in mystery, paranormal, shoutout

virgindec Cover

Where there are roses there’s dead bodies and no one knows this better than Poppy Rae Mamadou.

Out of college and in debt, she has no choice but to take a job at her family’s P.I. firm in Seattle. When her stiff sniffing ability leads her to a notorious homicide with kinky overtones, her life quickly spins out of control. The police label her a suspect, the media can’t get enough of her, a killer wants her dead and the good looking young detective wants a piece of her. If only she wasn’t such a Virgin Detective.

As the bodies pile up, it’s up to Poppy Rae to prove her innocence but who will believe her? Telling the truth never sounded so unbelievable.


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About the Author


Kat Cazanav graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with a degree in film. She went on to work in television before moving to Seattle where she now lives with her husband and two crazy dogs.

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The Top Ten Things you learned writing your book.

No matter how I see my characters unfolding, they always surprise me with something new.

Love scenes are tough to write.

The end of the book never wants to end.

Word count makes me crazy.

My bulldog snoring at my feet while I write lulls me into a stupor.

I write best in the early morning.

I write nonsense at night.

My outlines never mirror my books

The number of pages I write equal the number of cups of coffee I drink.

Writing is fun. Re-writing not so much.

When a scene works, it writes itself.


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