Jump Gate Twist – Mark L. Van Name

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Review, science fiction

Jump Gate TwistI’ll begin by explaining that Jump Gate Twist is a compilation of One Jump Ahead and Slanted Jack, the first two Jon and Lobo novels with additional short stories and other material, taking the whole to a hefty 723 pages.

I soon realised that I had previously read both novels – and enjoyed them. The stars of these stories are Jon… who has his secrets, his unique powers and unusual origin; and his best friend, a predator class assault vehicle named Lobo, what amounts to an intelligent flying tank. Among Jon’s abilities is machine telepathy, which leads to a lot of fun, especially when it involves washing machine gossip.

Let’s face it, this is science fiction action humour, and that’s a tricky combination to get right. Most of the time, authors try it and the result is plain silly. But the stories of Jon and Lobo, while frequently infested with a fine frivolity, are by no means foolish. The science fiction still works, the plotting is complex (in both senses), and the characters are interesting. Sure Jon is a bit of a prat at times, but that’s not unusual in action heroes. This really is science fiction the way they don’t make it any more. Which is a pity. Read and enjoy.

Published by Baen

Supplied by Science Fiction Outreach Project at LoneStarCon 3

Reviewed by Jacqui

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