Review of Teardrop: Teardrop Saga #1 – Lauren Kate

Posted: February 25, 2014 in paranormal, Review


Eureka was in a freak car accident with her mother, who was killed.   She didn’t cry at her mother’s funeral, the importance of her not crying having been emphasised by her mother years ago.  No one understands her, her therapists are stupid, and the only people she can talk to is her best friend Brooks. She begins to fall in love with him but then Anders shows up, drop dead gorgeous and always where Eureka is.

Anders is part of a clan who watch the people descended from a goddess and capable of destroying the world.  His family caused the accident that claimed the life of Eureka’s mother and nearly took hers.  Anders has one task – to kill Eureka.  He can either save the girl or save the world.  He’s obsessed with her though, and as Brooks acts strangely and become distant, Eureka falls for him.

Interesting concept but it felt familiar and I realised I’d seen the teardrop in a movie – POTC 4 I think.  I liked the mythology and mystery but didn’t like Eureka.  She was full of teenage angst and I wanted to smack her and tell her to stop whingeing, other people have gone through worse.  I felt it was a little creepy how Anders had ‘been watching her since before he or she could talk’.  Stalkerish and reminded me of Twilight and Edward watching Bella sleep.  Not a book that grabbed my interest but it should appeal to Twilight fans.


Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

  1. meg says:

    POTC 4?!? HaHaHaHa!!!!!!

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