The Teddy Bear’s Promise – Diana Noonan

Posted: December 19, 2013 in children, Review

tyhe teddy bears promiseMax’s Dad discovers a dusty box in Gran’s attic when he helps her shift and brings it home for Max to look inside.  First though, he tells Max of a little boy a long time ago who met a bear.   The bear went everywhere with him and shared every feeling, smiling when he smiled and being sad when the boy felt sad.  The bear could be brave when the boy was scared and strong when he was worried.  Then the boy grew up and stopped going everywhere with the bear, who then waited.  Max found he was waiting for him and was in the box, waiting for a new boy to love.

A heart-warming story that captures the essence of growing up and passing your traditions and values onto your children.  It captures the theme of family love and things that bind a family together.  The pictures are soft, with amazing detail and tell the story well.  This will delight children, parents, and grandparents alike and will make a great present for under the tree.

Craig Potton Publishing

Supplied by Craig Potton Publishing

Reviewed by Jan


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