Wearable Arts: A Collaboration Over 25 years

Posted: December 17, 2013 in nonfiction, Review

wearable artsThe World Wearable Arts (WOW) shows have been a remarkable success story for New Zealand cultural events. It is an annual competition and award show that explores the intersection of fashion and art.  This book expands on earlier editions with all new photographs.  It features the best garments that have been entered in recent years, in a studio setting with close-up details as well as photographs taken on stage during WOW.

This book showcases the diversity and creativity of wearable art and has gorgeous photos.  I found the photos stunning and have many favourite outfits as I can’t pick just one.  The introduction is fascinating, giving the history of the WOW starting as a tiny provincial show before expanding to become a huge event in our capital city.  All the photos are accompanied by a brief paragraph explaining each creation and detail the materials used.  Anyone with an interest in fashion, design, and the craft arts will love this book and find it inspirational.

Craig Potton Publishing

Supplied by Craig Potton Publishing

Reviewed by Jan


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