In the Garden: Explore & Discover the New Zealand Backyard – Gillian Candle

Posted: December 1, 2013 in children, picture book, Review

in the gardenThis is a guide that shows what creatures are in their natural habitats in the Kiwi backyard.  First, each season of the year is shown with tips explaining what has been done and the kind of creatures to be found. The various insects, plants, and birds are shown with page numbers of where more information about them can be found.

The illustrations by Ned Barraud are stunning, detailed yet soft and gentle.  Insects are depicted underground with a cross-section of soil removed so you can see them.  They look scarily lifelike (I really don’t like bugs) and will delight any child into creepy crawlies.  There’s a glossary at the back which simply explains any unfamiliar terms and a useful index.  A list of websites to find more information on is also given.

I thought it was very useful for encouraging children to learn about the outdoors, though a little too lifelike for anyone with an insect phobia.   A must for any child’s bookshelf, it will make a great present for under the tree.

Craig Potton Publishing

Supplied by Craig Potton Publishing

Reviewed by Jan


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