Like This, Only Forever – S. J. Bolton

Posted: November 14, 2013 in mystery, Review

Like This, Only ForeverFour young boys have disappeared, their bodies turning up drained of blood.  Is a vampire killing them?

Barney knows the killer will strike again and is determined to stop him before the next boy goes missing.  He’s been studying the case for months and is determined and methodical.  He’s been methodically searching for his mum for years as well, placing ads for her in each paper in London.  His dad had told him she’d gone away for a bit when he was four and she’d never come back.  After finding out what his neighbour Lacey does for a living he asked for her help.

Lacey is haunted by events on her last case and considering leaving the force.   She is avoiding her colleagues and having time off.  Asked to help on the task force set up to catch the vampire killer she refuses, but finds herself involved in the case due to Barney’s investigation.  Then another boy goes missing…….

The sixth book featuring DC Lacey Flint and DI Mark Joesbury, you don’t need to have read the previous books to appreciate this – I hadn’t.  I really want to know details though, like how Lacey became friends with a serial killer, so will hunt them out.  A very very clever plot and interesting motives, I figured the first suspect too obvious to be the killer and the same with the second – for a while.  The thirsd surprised me and the fourth was a total surprise.  A really chilling ending.

Bantam Press

Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan


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