The Princess and the Foal – Stacy Gregg

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Review, young adult

the princess and the foalHaya is a princess of Jordan, her father is the king.  After suffering the loss of her adored mother, she is tremendously quiet and sinks into a depression and doesn’t show any joy in life.  Desperately worried her father   searches for a way to make her smile again, and gifts her a two day old foal for her birthday.  Haya is responsible for the foal and if she lives or dies which she takes seriously, sleeping in the stables to give her nightly feeds.  The foal thrives on her attention and Haya names her Bint Al-Reeh, Daughter of the Wind in Arabic, Bree for short.

Haya spends the next few years learning to ride so that when Bree is broken in she is ready to teach her.  Finally the day comes and they love being with each other.  Then Haya learns she is being sent to England to continue her schooling, leaving behind her beloved home, family, and Bree. At first desperately lonely, Haya makes friends and learns to showjump, showing a natural talent for it.  After her grief at her mother death finally shows she is sent back home where she is determined to win
The King’s Cup.

Based on the life of Princess Haya of Jordan, an international showjumper who represented Jordan in the Olympics, this book is a must read for any pony-obsessed girl.  There is a triumphant ending and lots of horsey speak, and a young girl beating macho mean.  It’s good to see how Haya made her own rules in a male-dominated society and her father, the king, obviously adored her.  An awe-inspiring woman.

HarperCollins Children’s Book

Supplied by HarperCollins New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

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