Never Go Back: Jack Reacher #18 – Lee Child

Posted: October 16, 2013 in general fiction, Review

never go backJack Reacher has finally made the journey from snowy South Dakota to Virginia.  A former military policeman, his destination is the headquarters of his former unit, a sturdy stone building near Washington DC.  He wants to take the new commanding officer, Major Susan Turner.  He likes he voice on the phone and wants to take her to dinner.  The officer at the desk isn’t her though.  She’s been arrested for treason and Reacher is also in trouble, accused of a sixteen year old assault.

Reacher gets recalled to the army to face the charges, plus a different case against him.  Trying to find out who’s behind the charges, he quickly realises it goes very high up the chain of command.  He breaks Susan out of a military prison to find out more about the charges and break the conspiracy.

Good plot, lots of action, a little steamy stuff, this was an entertaining read.  I loved Reacher showing how tough he was – fighting a group with both hands behind his back, disabling two of the goon following him while on a packed commercial flight with no one noticing – awesome stuff!  Susan was cool too – I just killed a man.  Help me get rid of the body!

The ending was typical Reacher and the series looks set to continue.

This can be read as a standalone as you are subtly filled in on background details.  I highly recommend this book for Reacher fans.


Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

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