Blood Song: Raven’s Shadow Book One – Anthony Ryan

Posted: October 12, 2013 in fantasy, Review

blood songA scribe opens the book journeying on a ship while recording the story of The Hope Killer.  The Hope was the popular heir to the Emperor’s throne, much loved by his people until he was slain in battle.  As The Hope Killer tells his story to the scribe, we see it in flashbacks.

Vealin Al Sorna was a young boy when his mother died and he was not close to his father, the King’s Battle Lord.  One day his father takes him to an imposing guarded gate and leaves, having given him to the Sixth Order, soldier who are defenders of the faith.  The Order takes in boys to train as soldiers and Vaelin grows up there with his brothers.  The trainees take tests every year pass to the next level of training or die trying.

Michael J Sullivan recommended this book so I had to read it and it was well worth the time it took.  A very large book, the story is an epic fantasy that tells the story of how a boy became a legend.  The plot is strong, with many twists and turns and ‘of course’ moments.  The characters are engaging and there is a loyal dog – awww.  The ending had some interesting revelations and I look to continuing The Hope Killer’s journey.

I highly recommend this book if you enjoy epic fantasy tales.


Supplied by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan


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