Last Chance To Run: Slye Temp Book 1- Dianna Love

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Review, romance

LAST CHANCE TO RUNAngelina Farentino hasn’t had much luck with men.  Betrayed by her father, she served time and then on being release, she accepted a legitimate job with Mason Lorde.  A distinguished businessman, Mason had tricked her into helping with his international art theft ring.  Escaping his security, Angel is now running for her life and desperate to contact the DEA.

Formally Special Forces, Zane Black runs an aircraft charter business, informing the DEA of suspect deliveries. He found her as a stowaway on his plane and helped her run, before she snuck away from him. Now she’s back and they’re both on the run, struggling to keep one step ahead of Mason while staying alive.

Lots of action, some smouldering romance, and interesting characters.   And a cute dog thrown in.  I’ve never read a book where the hero is an informant and it’s an interesting scenario.  I look forward to finding out more about the Orion Legacy behind everything.  A fun read with a good story.

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