An Extraordinary Land: Discoveries and Mysteries From Wild New Zealand – Peter Hayden & Rod Morris

Posted: May 26, 2013 in general fiction, picture book
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an extraordinary landNew scientific discoveries about wildlife unique to New Zealand are detailed in a collection of stories in this book.  Flowing together seamlessly and sensibly organized, some stories look at the unusual behaviour and strange life of animals, such as what nocturnal birds do at night and little blue penguins also do not like living in cold places.  Interesting knowledge is shared; did you know not only birds are responsible for pollination?  Lizards and bats also help plants pollinate.  The efforts of people and organizations battling to safe guard the future of New Zealand unique natural environment are noted and their dedication is amazing to hear about.

Written so the layman can easily understand it, the stories offer an up close view of the fascinating world and inhabitants of is natural New Zealand.  The writing is warm and friendly, sharing a glimpse into the personal experiences and memories of the writer and photographer.  The photography is splendid and seems to be alive on the page.  Rod Morris has been wildlife photographer for years and all the photos in this book are stunning.  The pages of this book are a high grade, glossy paper and it enhances the colour.

Anyone with an interested in nature or curious about New Zealand will love this book.  It will also appeal to anyone who likes a well written story enjoys stunning photos.  I highly recommend adding it to the collection on your shelf.

HarperCollins Publishers

Supplied by HarperCollins New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

  1. […] Peter Hayden describes himself as a storyteller, an actor, a film-maker and a naturalist. A generation of Kiwi kids describe him as an inspiration – they are now our scientists, decision makers and environmental activists. Peter has presented and voiced hundreds of nature documentaries on television including Wild South, Journeys Across Latitude 45, and directing series such as Moa’s Ark. And now he has a new book “An Extraordinary Land: Discoveries and Mysteries From Wild New Zealand” (publisher, review). […]


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