Lover at Last: Brotherhood of the Black Dagger Book 11 – JR Ward

Posted: April 7, 2013 in paranormal, Review

lover at last bdb11Blay and Qhuinn finally get their HEA!

Part of the Black Dagger Brotherhood who battle the lesser to keep vampires safe, Blay and Qhuinn are tough, street-smart fighters.  Blay is in a relationship with Saxton, Qhuinn’s cousin and the Blind King’s lawyer.  He sees Qhuinn as eventually settling down with a female partner and is positive he loves Layla.  Qhuinn realizes he’s in love with Blay but is sure he’s in love with Saxton so buries his emotions.  After he took care of Layla during her needing in Lover Reborn she is carrying their young.  Layla is still adjusting to life on the other side and happy to have someone to love in the baby.  She can’t stop thinking about the traitor Xcor though.

Xcor and the Band of Bastards are recruiting support among the glymera to overthrow the king.  They are also fighting the lesser that are growing stronger, thanks to the new Fore-lesser and his entry of them into drug dealing.  Assail controls the flow of drugs into Caldwell and only cares about money, hence his business dealings with the lessers.  He is distancing himself from Xcor, not wanting to be drawn into political games.  Someone is watching him though, a human female who he is fascinated with.  Trez is avoiding his fellow Shadows, or s’Hisbe, who want to bring him home to be the sex slave of the queen’s daughter.  For years he has sullied himself with humans in the hopes of avoiding this fate.  The only one who can protect him is his brother, iAm.

A tight plot with several story threads intertwined, you need to be familiar with the BDB world to fully grasp who is who and understand the backstories.  There is a lot of action and violence, and it’s definitely erotica and R18.  The main story line is between two males, so if you disapprove of same sex relationships don’t read this.  I was a bit disappoint that the heroes didn’t get it together until 10 pages from the ending but look forward to seeing more of Trez in future stories.  Xcor and Layla’s story will be great!


Supplied by Hatchette New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

Lover Reborn: BDB10 review


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