Invisible Murder: Nina Borg #2 – Lene Kaaberbol and Agnette Friis

Posted: February 21, 2013 in nonfiction

invisible murderTwo Hungarian Roma boys investigate a hospital abandoned by the Russians after the collapse of communism.  They find something and take it to sell on the black market.  Tamar then steals the passport of Sandor, hi s half Roma brother and travels to Denmark to sell it.  Sandor is then questioned by authorities about his terrorist connections and his Roma roots exposed.  Sandor then travels to Denmark to find him after being told he’s sick.

Nina Borg is a nurse for the Red Cross, working at a refugee camp in Copenhagen. She is involved in the ’Network’, an underground organization providing legal services and medical care to illegal immigrants.  Her husband, Morten, has asked her not to help the Network while he is away, leaving their children alone.  Nina is asked to aid a group of Roma when the children fall sick and starts to feel ill herself.

Nina and Sandor cross paths and suddenly the bad guys are after them for information.

This is a really good translation from Danish into English – thank you to Tara Chace!  The story was addictive; the action fast paced and gripping, the characters colourful and gripping, the language descriptive and painting the scene in your mind.  There was a theme of social justice and exposing how Europe treats migrants.  Discrimination and its impact on people are also explored, along with the reality of terrorism in the present day.  The conclusion was satisfying and when all was revealed there was disbelief at the aims of the mastermind.

I’m now finding the first in the series – The Boy In The Suitcase.  Read this book. It’s a thriller of a story.

Soho Press, Inc

Supplied by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan

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