A Dance With Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire Book 5 – George RR Martin

Posted: January 27, 2013 in fantasy, Review

a dance with dragonsThe 998th Lord Commander of the Night Watch, Jon Snow has enemies within as well as outside the wall.  He’s made some decisions that are not popular.  Stannis has left the Wall to declare war on the North and claim it.

The North is still teaming with suspicion with distrust and making nice with enemies.  The Fry’s still have weddings, despite them hosting the Red Wedding.  Bolton’s son is preparing to marry Arya

Cersei gets her trial and punishment from the High Septon and I now feel sorry for her.  Her uncle Kevan returns to look after Tommen, who is being influenced by the Tyrell’s.  After turning his back on Cersei, Jamie is involved in brokering peace on terms rewarding Lannister allies.  Tyrion ends up as a slave in a marketplace near Daenerys.

Dorne sends its Crown Prince to find and marry Daenerys as part of an alliance agreed to years ago.  Dany is busy fighting a war though and about to marry to bring peace to her city.  Her dragons are not happy with being caged.

Briane now as another quest despite being hanged in the last book.  Or was she?  No, he can’t be dead!  Will he stay dead?  I have a theory how ColdHands is but need to wait to see.  I want to know how the task Davos was given turns out, despite Davos being officially dead.

This book was 1117 pages but not long enough.  Mr Martin, please finish The Winds of Winter.  I need to know!


Supplied by Broderick Wells

Reviewed by Jan

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