A Feast For Crows: A Song of Ice and Fire Book 4 – George RR Martin

Posted: January 25, 2013 in fantasy, Review

a feast of crowsThe Night Watch has won the battle but is still fighting the war against the Others.   Nothing is said about Jon but we follow Samwell Tarly on a quest, with a mother, a baby, and a 103 yr old blind man.

The country of Dorne was pulled into the plotting for the Iron Throne, with the Martell family plotting for vengeance for their dead.  They have Myrcella as a hostage and according to Dornish law; she inherits the Iron Throne now Joffrey is dead.

Lord Tywin was slain by his son Tyrion, who is fleeing his sister’s wrath.  His brother Jamie shows more honesty and honour than in previous books and he’s more likeable.  Cersei and her schemes are shown in more detail and she’s currently in a silent war over Tommen, the 7yr old boy king, with his wife Margery, whose father is a Lannister ally.

Briane was on a quest to find Sansa, who’s hiding in the Eyrie with Petyr.  Some of his plotting is finally revealed, though I think he’s got a few more schemes up his sleeve.  Arya has left the country and is hiding in Pentos pretending to be someone different.  The war for the North has ended but new rivalries have risen.

I was constantly surprised in this book – she came back from the dead, he was banished, she was killed, who IS he? I was happy that Cersei’s manipulations are finally exposed and she gets what she deserves.  An interesting read, lots of action and unravelling of secrets.  You learn more of the story of the series.


Supplied by Broderick Wells

Reviewed by Jan

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