A Storm Of Swords: Blood and Gold: A Song Of Ice And Fire Book 3, Part II – George RR Martin

Posted: January 23, 2013 in fantasy, Review

storm of swords 2The Night Watch is still fighting the Wildlings, who were shown the Wall’s weaknesses by Jon Snow.  Returned to his brothers, Jon is now Lord Commander of the Night Watch and leads his men in defending the Wall from attacks.

Lady Catelyn finally leaves her sons side and lets him concentrate on fighting a war.  Robb has deeply offended one of their allies though, breaking a pact to marry a daughter of theirs in return for support for his war.  Arya has been found by the Hound, who keeps her safe to ransom back to her mother.  Arya still wants him dead for killing her friend though, but bides her time.  Sansa finds an unexpected ally at court, though she still longs for a knight in shining armour to come to her rescue.

Freed by his father’s men, Jamie now rescues Brienne from death in a bear pit and is occupied with furthering Lannister interests.  Joffrey wed his bride and all of Cersei’s schemes seem to be falling into place.  For a short time.  Ha!  Stannis is still gathering support for his bid to reclaim the throne and ignores his advisors.

Daenerys prepares to fight for her city’s survival against the Yunakai forces.  She battles friendly enemies inside the city as well as the foes outside.  Meanwhile the dragons grow.

I did not see the Red Wedding coming and was shocked at the betrayal.  Something was confirmed that I always suspected but I was surprised at the instigator behind it – though it’s obvious now.  Treachery, betrayal, and cold-bloodness feature strongly in this story.  Good characters do bad thing (Stannis), bad characters do good things (the Hound), and characters who do bad things make you like them (Jamie).  You definitely need to read the previous books in order to grasp who is who but book 3 (both parts) is a must read, weighing in at 607 pages.


Supplied for Broderick Wells

Reviewed by Jan


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