Sins of the Flesh – Caridad Pinerio

Posted: January 10, 2013 in paranormal, Review

A mercenary, Mick, is hired by a company to hunt down the person who committed the horrific murder of one of their scientists. The killer is Caterina, a woman who tore the scientist to pieces barehanded. It turns out the company was carrying out an experimental treatment to repair optic nerves damaged by her terminal brain cancer. They also used patients as guinea pigs to try out genetic manipulations. After capturing Cat, Mick starts to doubt she carried out the murders and is baffled by her super strength and ability to change her skin colour to blend with surroundings. He enlists the help of his doctor sister to treat Cat while he finds out why the company wants her dead.

There is a little too much testosterone floating about, with Mick and another psycho mercenary hunting Cat and trading barbs. While the story was slow to start with, I became very interested in the scientific what-ifs the author explored. What if scientists genetically altered people to have super strength and multitude of talents, such as the chameleon ability to blend into the background? What if they created superior soldiers or thieves that were for sale to the highest bidder? What if a good technology is perverted for profit? And she used scientific advances, such as green fluorescent proteins being crossed with cats, creating cats that glow in the dark. Scary.

Grand Central Publishing

Supplied by Hachette

Reviewed by Jan



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