Penumbra: Spook Squad 3 – Keri Arthur

Posted: January 6, 2013 in paranormal, Review

Gabriel has finally gotten his way; he and Sam are no longer partners. He’s set a tail to follow her though, as she’s guarding a man who seems to be a product of the military experiments uncovered in Book 2. More is uncovered about the former military and people who are connected to it are dying horrible deaths. Sam is getting more memories of her past back, and learning more about her abilities. She’s also learning more about Sethanon, the criminal mastermind who’s killing Spook Squad agents, and his connection to her.

This has more of the action, crime, conspiracies and sexual tension that Keri Arthur writes so well. I grew increasingly annoyed at the hero’s ‘traumatic past’ and am thankful he’s not described anywhere as ‘dark and brooding’. The heroine has no time for his brooding though, and goes off to do her own thing. Yes!


Supplied for Hatchette New Zealand

Reviewed by Jan



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